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January Jitters

Though this is supposed to be the time of year when everyone is focused on Christmas, a lot of astrologers are much more concerned with what might happen after Christmas, and I don’t mean a New Year’s Eve party. They are looking at the aspects that are lining up in January, some with gleeful anticipation, some with nervous dread and most with a combination of both.

In January transiting Saturn will align with transiting Pluto. The aspect will be exact on January 11 but it will be within a one degree orb for most of that month. Usually, aspects between slow moving planets like Saturn and Pluto have three hits or more but this aspect will only be exact this one time. This could be seen as lessening the impact of the aspect. It could also be seen as making this contact even more intense.

The history of aspects between Saturn and Pluto is not good. During the first weeks of World War I, Saturn and Pluto were conjunct. During the first few weeks of World War II, Saturn and Pluto were square. On Sept. 11, 2001 Saturn and Pluto were opposed (off by four degrees, but still ominous). There have been other aspects between Saturn and Pluto that did not result in war or a major terrorist attack, but the aspect is generally accompanied by an increase in international tension.

On the 24th of January Saturn will be exactly opposite Mercury in the Sibly horoscope for the US. Pluto will be moving toward the same position and both will be within a degree of that opposition for the last week of January and much of February. This aspect is worrisome because Saturn and Pluto are both in the Second House of finance and the Sibly Mercury is in the Eighth House of investment. This could signal a darkening of the country’s economic outlook and an end to our booming economy.

Then there’s the horoscope of Donald Trump. At the same time that Saturn and Pluto perfectly align they both will also be within a degree of opposing Saturn in Trump’s natal horoscope. Saturn opposing natal Saturn is one of the Saturn Cycle aspects. It typically coincides with a choice or challenge that will have important ramifications for that person’s future. It seems likely that, for Trump, that challenge will be his impeachment trial in the Senate.

Right now President Trump’s position looks secure. The Republican Party remains solidly his own and some Republican members of congress have even joined Trump in that alternate reality in which it was Ukrainians, not Russians, who hacked the 2016 election. The President also has a roaring economy and historically low unemployment numbers on his side. It would seem that, regardless what the Democrats in the House do, Donald Trump has nothing to worry about.

The big question is how are the aspects coming up in January going to change this? I’ve always felt that Saturn Cycle aspects bring us a judgement. If we have been doing the things we need to do, if we’ve attended to our duties and made proper preparations, Saturn will reward us. If not, Saturn will expose our deficiencies and flaws.

It would seem that, unless things change drastically during the next few weeks, Donald Trump is going to pass this judgement, at least in the Senate. Of course, the January aspects indicate that such a drastic change is possible. A sudden economic downturn or a rebellion in the Republican ranks would greatly alter the landscape. Much depends on the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto and what it brings us. In future articles I will be writing more about that.

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