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Kamala Harris on the Ropes

After a brief surge after the first debate, the presidential campaign of Kamala Harris has struggled to maintain momentum. As her poll numbers have dropped, Harris’ has been forced to cut staff and focus her attention on making a good showing in Iowa. However, a letter released by an aide (who recently resigned) makes such a breakthrough seem unlikely.

The letter describes the Harris campaign as in disarray and accuses Harris of mistreating her staff, of laying people off days after they were hired or shortly after having them move to a new city. It also claims that Harris has no real strategy to win in Iowa. In light of this apparently meltdown I thought we might look at what is going on in Harris’ horoscope right now. (Click on Kamala Harris to see the chart).

The aspects impacting Harris’ horoscope right now are focused on her natal Venus. Saturn is almost exactly trine her natal Venus, which is conjunct Pluto in Virgo. Meanwhile, Neptune is closing on an opposition to the same planet. Actually, Saturn and Neptune have been trading aspects to Harris’ natal Venus pretty much all year.

Through Venus we attempt to make people like us, to please them and make them feel loved. Virgo, which favors efficiency and practicality over romance, is not the best sign for this sort of activity. Having Venus in Virgo makes Harris a less sociable Libra. It indicates that she can at times seem prickly and standoffish in one-on-one encounters. The fact that Venus is conjunct Pluto adds to this tendency.

The trine from transiting Saturn, even though it is a positive aspect, activates these tendencies and bring them to the foreground. However, since the aspect is a trine, it should give Harris the opportunity to deal with this lapse and make corrections. Apparently, this didn’t happen when Saturn trined her Venus earlier this years. It remains to be seen if it will happen now.

Meanwhile, transiting Neptune brings in a very different problem. This aspect tends to bring us unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships. It can also cause us to over-estimate our social skills and try and be someone we are not. The good news for Harris is that Neptune is currently a couple of degrees away from completing this opposition. The bad news is that is will be close to exact during the Iowa caucuses.

When I looked at Harris chart after she entered the race I noted that, among the candidates for whom I had complete horoscopes, hers had the best aspects for a victory in Nov. 2020. However, in order to get there she is going to have to overcome this current crop of difficult transits.