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Adam Schiff’s Big Saturn Return

When transiting Saturn makes a hard aspect to the degree it occupied in your natal horoscope it represents a period in your life in which you will be tested. Choices made during this period tend to end up influencing the rest of your life in a major way. This is particular true when transiting Saturn “returns” to its natal place. This happens just a few times in a person’s life: around age 28, around age 56 and around 84.

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been watching a Saturn Return in action. It has been playing on every major network. In the horoscope of Adam Schiff, Saturn has been crossing his natal Saturn. (Click on Adam Schiff to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth) We have seen him tested, as he carefully managed the impeachment inquiry. We have seen him mercilessly criticized, mostly by the guy sitting next to him during the hearings, Devin Nunes. And we have seen him doing the thing which, for better or worse, will likely get him into the history books.

There may be questions about the effectiveness of Schiff’s actions during this period. While Democrats seem to see the testimony that was offered during these hearings as convincing, it has apparently not changed the mind of anyone on the Republican side of the House. Meanwhile, polls show that the testimony we’ve heard so far has not done much to sway independent voters toward supporting impeachment.

However, victory is not one of Saturn’s concerns. Saturn teaches us. It shows us our strengths and our limitations. Saturn is about doing what you have to do and making the right choices, win or lose. We don’t know what will happen next with the impeachment process, but Adam Schiff has attended to the challenge set before him, and that is what a Saturn Return demands.

It is interesting that now, as Saturn moves beyond Schiff’s natal Saturn, Jupiter is moving into a conjunction with his natal Jupiter. Today it is being joined by Venus. This is a celebration aspect. I’m not sure if Schiff is celebrating today but, after struggling through a trying and very public Saturn Return, he certainly deserves a day off.


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