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Can Pete Take the Heat?ButtigiegPeteImage

So far, the race for the Democratic nomination has been chaotic. We started out with more candidates than we needed. Some of those people have dropped out, only to be replaced by new contenders. Candidates surge for a while and then fade and no one seems able to hold on to the lead. The only thing that is predictable about this race is that the person currently ahead in the polls is going to take plenty of heat in the next debate. For the debate on Nov. 20, that person will be Pete Buttigieg.

In my series of article on these contenders (click here to see the article on Buttigieg) I noted that Mayor Pete was a Capricorn and that Capricorns play the long game.  Buttigieg has hung around for a while now, a few steps ahead of pack stuck at one percent in the polls but never close enough the the front to threaten the leaders. Meanwhile, he has impressed people with his intellect and his composure. He has also avoided the temptation swing to the left. Instead, Buttigieg has held to the center with regard to policy.

This also a Capricorn trait. There have been Capricorn revolutionaries but moderation is more typical of this Sun sign.  The rule for Capricorn people is practicality and, most of the time, extreme views on either the left or the right are just not practical enough to satisfy this canny, Earth sign. Capricorns don’t care how good a proposal sounds in a manifesto or an impassioned speech. All they want to know is, will it work?

Now that he has surged into the lead in Iowa, Buttigieg’s game plan is going to have to change. This shouldn’t be a problem for a Capricorn. Capricorns are goal oriented people but they will change their path to that goal to match the terrain. Still, the aspects to Buttigieg’s chart right now indicate that he might be surprised by the criticism he encounters on Wednesday night. (Click on Pete Buttigieg to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.) Transiting Uranus is square his natal Venus indicating that his ability to please people will be disrupted by unforeseen problems.

Though I think this debate will be difficult for Buttigieg, I doubt the he will wilt under the heat. Again, Capricorns know how to work through adversity. A more formidable challenge will be coming Buttigieg’s way in early January, when the ominous conjunction of Saturn and Pluto makes a hard square to his natal Saturn. This aspect will dominate Buttigieg’s chart less than a month before the Iowa caucuses and decisions he makes during this period will have a major impact on his ability to hold on his lead in that bellwether state.

Unfortunately for Buttigieg, even if he survives this challenge and goes on to win the nomination, the aspects for election day are not in his favor. Saturn will be square his natal Pluto, while transiting Pluto will be square his natal Saturn. These are aspects that indicate disappointment. Of course, without a time of birth there is much that I can’t see in Buttigieg’s chart. For example, I don’t see an astrological reason for his recent surge in the polls, though I strongly suspect there is one. His outlook on election day could be very different in a complete horoscope. 

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