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The Contenders: Deval Patrick

When the original set of contenders for the Democratic nomination for president began their campaigns it looked like Joe Biden had the center lane of the party locked up. His only serious competition was coming from candidates on the left, like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Recently, however, Biden’s position seems to have weakened, both because his own gaffs and the attention given his son, Hunter. Now we seem to be getting a new crop of contenders who are vying to take Biden’s place as boss of the center.

The most recent of these contenders to enter the race is the former governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick.  As governor of Massachusetts, Patrick hit all the liberal high spots, including health care and gay marriage, but he also has an extensive background in the corporate world, which will no doubt ease the minds of all those billionaires looking for someone to protect them from Warren and Sanders.

For astrologers, however, what is most important is that we have a birth time for this new contender. (Click on Deval Patrick to see the chart.) It comes with a caveat. Some hospitals in Chicago during the 1950s used daylight savings time and some did not. We’re assuming that Patrick was born in one that did not (which was what was dictated be state law.) That puts Uranus near his Cancer Ascendant and the Sun in his First House.


Both of these placements describe a person who does things his or her own way, so the outcry raised by many that Patrick is jumping to late into a race that already has too many candidates is not likely to sway him. Patrick is entering the race with transiting Uranus square his natal Uranus. When these aspect occur we feel the need to shake things up in our lives, to take a risk and push the envelope. This is even more reason for Patrick to ignore the nay-sayers and forge ahead.

Of course, this Uranus square isn’t going to fix the problems facing a Deval Patrick campaign. Basically, Patrick is going to have to overcome all of the problems that Mike Bloomberg is facing, without having the national name recognition that Bloomberg enjoys. This would seem to make Patrick’s chances of winning the nomination slim. However, if he were to win, his aspects for the election are actually quite positive.

It is very interest that Patrick’s Ascendant is only two degrees away from Bloomberg. In my article on Bloomberg I noted that Saturn will be conjunct his Descendant in Nov. 2020.  This is an important “change” aspect. The same Saturn conjunction will be close in Patrick’s chart. On top of this, Patrick’s secondary progressed Sun will be nearing a conjunction with his natal I.C. This is very close to the same aspect that propelled Donald Trump to victory in 2016.

What these aspects tell us is that, one way or another, Deval Patrick’s life is going to go through a major change in Nov. 2020. It may not be the change he’s looking for but, then again, it might. However, in order to get to a point where that can happen he is going to have to overcome a lot of obstacles.

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