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Following the Moon: Nov. 12, 2019

I expected that the last New Moon (click here to see the article and the chart) would give us one, big Uranian explosion. Instead, we got so many explosions that no single one stood out. First the Democrats released transcripts of their closed-door hearing and announced a date for the beginning of public hearings. Republicans responded by refusing to read the transcripts and waving  around a variety of distractions, including continued complaints about the process and far out conspiracy theories.

Along with all this noise regarding impeachment we had off-year elections that seemed to show a weakening in President Trump’s appeal. Also, there was a court ruling that established that the Trump family charity was bogus and ordered the Trumps to pay 2 million in restitution. In a normal world, those would have been big explosions. In the Trump world, they just become part of the background music.

The thing that most concerned me about the New Moon chart was the placement of Mars on the I.C. This indicated violence and possibly war. Thankfully, we did not see the kind of violent event that I had feared nor did we go to war. I credit the square to Mars by Saturn in that chart for containing that planet’s violent potential. Instead, it manifested in the ever increasing division between pro-Trump and anti-Trump Americans.

The Full Moon chart for Nov. 12 (click here to see the chart) is strangely benign. We have Venus near the Ascendant. Jupiter is also placed in the First House and it forms a nice sextile to Mars. This would seem to predict a period of relative calm and good will. I’m not sure how this relates to the open hearings on impeachment that are set to begin this week. Maybe everyone will be watching “The Price is Right” instead.

The fact that Venus is square Neptune may give us a clue as to how this chart will relate to these events. The function of Neptune is to loosen our grip on the real world so that we can follow our dreams. This chart may be telling us that the Republican efforts to create an alternate reality in which Donald Trump did nothing wrong will be at least somewhat successful.

However, the thing about this chart that catches my eye is the placement of the Sun in the Twelfth House and the Moon in the Sixth. This indicates that the important stuff will be happening behind the scenes or hidden within innocuous routine. What the public sees happening during the next two weeks will be only a small part of the story.

I think this ties in with President Trump’s announcement that he will not accept a “plea bargain.” He doesn’t want Republicans using the defense that what he did with Ukraine was wrong but not impeachable. According to the President, the only acceptable answer to the Democrats is that his phone call to President Zelensky was “perfect.” Republicans who have a problem with this are not going to be able to express their opinions openly. These are discussions that will occur behind closed doors, and the results will determine the future of this administration.

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