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The Contenders: Mike BloombergBloombergMImage

Mike Bloomberg has been flirting with the notion of entering the race for the Democratic presidential nomination for months, so it’s not shocking that he’s now applying to be a candidate in the Alabama primary. Still, it’s not clear exactly what Bloomberg hopes to achieve with this late entry into a race which already has what many people feel is too many candidates.

Bloomberg has both the Sun and Moon, along with Mercury and Venus, in Aquarius. (Click on Mike Bloomberg to see his chart.) In fact, Fixed signs dominate his chart, explaining why he waited until it was almost too late to enter the race.  Of course, a late entry is not going to phase a cool Aquarian.  Aquarius people get a charge out of doing the unexpected and surprising people.

At the core of Bloomberg’s chart is a square between his Sun and both Saturn and Uranus, along with another square to Mars by his Moon and Mercury. This is an extremely dynamic configuration, which explains why Bloomberg is not willing to give up the political game even though he’s pushing 80 (and seven months older that Joe Biden). These aspects describe someone who is basically conservative but, intellectual, a blood-red radical. The Mars aspect shows us that Bloomberg is a fighter who can take a hit and come back even stronger.

Of course, there are also some problems with these aspects. I often call Saturn square the Sun and “The Never Enough” aspect. No matter what Bloomberg’s ego accomplishes (and he has accomplished at lot) it will never be enough to meet the standards set by Saturn. Meanwhile, the Mars square Moon aspect is “The Shark” aspect, meaning that the moment you stop fighting, stop working and stop moving forward is the moment you die.

The funny thing is that despite all the things working against him (a late start, a crowded field, no “ground” organization, and being a New Yorker trying to woo voters is middle America) the aspects in Bloomberg’s chart are actual better than most of the contender that I’ve looked at. The aspects in his chart for the rest of this year and in 2020 are basically positive and in Feb. Aug and Nov. of 2020, he will have Saturn crossing his Descendant.

Saturn crossing the Descendant is one of the Saturn Cycle aspects. These passages typically represent a major turning point in a person’s life. They are also periods in which our endeavors are judged and our advantages and flaws revealed. This could mean that Bloomberg will be lifted to a height that should satisfy even the most critical Saturn, or it could mean that he finally has to admit that he done all that he can do in this life.


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