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Will John Bolton Testify?

Back in March 2018, when he was appointed National Security Advisor, I predicted that John Bolton’s relationship with President Donald Trump was likely to be explosive. I wrote this because Bolton’s Mars in Sagittarius is opposite Trump’s Sun and trine the President’s natal Mars. I felt that Bolton would either stoke the President’s bellicose moods or clash with him. Of course, it turned out to be the latter. Bolton was dismissed and then publicly ridiculed by President Trump.

Now, Bolton seems to have an opportunity to get even. He’s been called to testify in the impeachment inquiry. There are reports that Bolton disapproved of the President’s exchange with the President of Ukraine and with the activities of Rudy Giuliani. Democrats in congress would love to have him air these complaints in a public hearing but, so far, Bolton is not jumping at the chance.

John Bolton is a Scorpio by Sun sign. Scorpios are famous for their long memories and their vengeful ways. The person who said that “vengeance is a dish best served cold” was no doubt a Scorpio. A Scorpio can nurse a grievance for years, waiting for just the right moment to strike. Sitting down in front of a congressional committee and describing his take on his old boss’ tactics with regard to Ukraine would be an excellent time for such a strike.

On the other hand, Bolton is a doctrinaire conservative with deep roots in the conservative establishment. Prior to 2018, his main job was appearing on Fox News as an expert on foreign affairs and how the Democrats and liberals in general screw it up. If he were to speak out against Donald Trump, Bolton would be saying goodbye to that job, as well as employment with any of the many conservative “think tanks” and similar organizations.

Right now in Bolton’s chart (click of John Bolton to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth) Jupiter is nearing a conjunction with his natal Mars. The urge to do something daring and bold is going to be strong. At the same time, however, his natal Mercury is receiving a sextile from transiting Saturn and a trine from Neptune. His thinking is muddled, but it is leaning toward taking the safest path. My guess is that Bolton will resist the urge to take his revenge, at least for the time being, and look for a way to postpone a definitive decision.

Meanwhile, Pluto is moving into a square aspect to Bolton’s Venus. This aspect will be within a degree toward the end of December and remain so through February 2020. When Pluto aspects Venus one of two things is likely to happen. Either we take a relationship to a deeper, transformative level, or we get rid of it in a thorough and dramatic fashion. Even if Bolton refuses to testify in the current hearings, that doesn't mean he won’t speak out later in the year as this aspect gets closer, and when he does, a cold dish will be served.

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