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Mercury Retrograde for HalloweenMercurySymbol

Since Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow, on Halloween, I fully expect some child to dress up in a costume with Mercury symbols all over it, walk up to my door backwards and say, “treat of trick.” That would be a great Mercury retrograde gesture and, at my house, that kid would get as much candy as he or she could carry home.

Actually, Mercury Retrograde has become one of the most widely known of astrological terms. A lot people who have little or no idea about what it means will use the expression. This may be because Mercury retrograde makes such a handy excuse. Forgot to pay a bill, lost the shopping list your wife gave you, didn’t do your homework, Mercury retrograde covers it all.

Something else is due to happen Thursday, when Mercury stops its forward motion relative to the Earth and begins to appear from our vantage point to move backwards. The impeachment inquiry will be put to a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives. This is alarming for some astrologers, particularly those who dislike President Trump, because projects begun under a retrograde Mercury have a reputation of not ending well.

I’ve never worried much about Mercury retrograde. In most years, Mercury is going to be retrograde nine to ten weeks out of 52, so avoiding these periods is kind of hard. Instead, I look at Mercury retrograde periods the same way I look at rainstorms. There are a few things I won’t do when Mercury is retrograde, just as there are a few things I wouldn’t attempt in the middle of a rainstorm, but for the most part I go on with my life. I just make sure I always have my umbrella handy.

Having an umbrella during a Mercury retrograde period means double checking your tech and taking extra care with any sort of written, electronic or spoken communication. Backup your computer and have a backup plan for any endeavor, particularly those involving Mercury related things (like communication, business transactions, routine travel and record-keeping.) Most of the bad stuff that happens during a Mercury retrograde, like delays, misunderstandings, missed messages and garbled information, are irritations. They only become major problems with you are unprepared for them.

This brings us back to the impeachment vote. There is little doubt about the results. Nancy Pelosi is too canny a politicians to call for a vote without knowing what the outcome is going to be. The vote will lead to open and probably televised hearings. Republicans, who have been left with very little ground on which to defend the President (mostly because of the President) will have to resort to bombast and misdirection. The White House will without information and hold back potential witnesses. There will be delays. There will be disagreement about what certain words (like quid pro quo) mean. There will charges and counter charges, confusion and falsehoods. Sounds like a Mercury retrograde party to me.

What starting this process with Mercury retrograde really means is that it is not going to go smoothly or quickly. Some Republicans would like to see the impeachment process drawn out until the beginning of 2020 so that its partisan nature will be emphasized. However, what they don’t know is that both Donald Trump’s horoscope and the horoscope of the United States are getting some very heavy transits in January 2020. Letting Mercury retrograde do its work may be an irritation for Democrats, but it could be disastrous for supporters of the President.