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Following the Moon Oct. 27, 2019

In my analysis of the Oct 13 Full Moon chart (click here to see the article and chart) I promised a power struggle over the impeachment process and we’ve certainly seen that, with witnesses coming forward despite orders from the White House not to and the President calling the hearings in the House a “lynching”. On the one hand we have the most damning testimony so far from William Taylor, the U.S. Envoy to Ukraine and the other we have Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney summing up the Presidents defense by telling reporters to “get over it.”

I also predicted extreme behavior. We saw that this week when, in an unprecedented move, a group of House Republicans forced their way into closed-door hearing. This act of civil disobedience accomplished little, but it certainly got a lot of attention. I also predicted that new scandal would immerge. I wonder if this could be the Attorney General’s investigation of the claim that the Trump presidential campaign was somehow compromised by the FBI and some Italian guy. News of this investigation leaked out this week and it seems that, despite the fact that many people consider it an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory, William Barr is determined to pursue it.

The chart of the last Full Moon was quite dramatic and, of course, we’ve witness two weeks of dramatic events. And it looks like the pace in not going to let up. The New Moon Chart for Oct. 27 is just as dramatic and, in some ways, even more explosive. (Click here to see the chart.) Here we have the Sun and Moon in an exact opposition aspect with Uranus. This is a configuration that promise major disruptions to the status quo and shocking developments.

The fact that the Sun and Moon are in the Fourth House of home would indicate that these events will involve the homeland. This chart also features Mars on the I.C., indicating that violence is a distinct possibility. This might foretell a terrorist attack or another mass shooting. It could also manifest as a destructive weather event. Mars is widely square Pluto and exactly square Saturn, This increases the possibility of a negative outcome and that a large institution or figures of authority will be somehow involved in the violence.

Speaking of figures of authority, the fact that Uranus is placed in the Tenth House, which is associated with fame and leadership, This indicates that the disruptive influence of this planet will likely also spread to our government and to figures of authority. We might see shocking revelations coming out of the impeachment inquiry and/or even more audacious actions by the White House and Republicans in congress to disrupt those hearing.

All in all this should be another interesting lunation period. However, whereas the last two weeks were about power, this next two weeks will be about upheaval. As always, when Uranus dominates a chart, prediction is a hopeless endeavor, because the primary feature of this planet is unpredictability. Expect to see a lot of experts scratching their heads and wondering how “that” happened. I may be one of them.