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Putin and Erdogan Team UpPutinErdoganImage

Today the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyid Erdogan, signed a deal that essentially gives that country control of a section of northern Syria. Russia in backing Turkey in this landgrab and the President of Syria has given his support. The only thing no one is sure of is how the Kurds, who are currently living in this section of Syria, will react.

Missing from these proceedings, thanks to President Trump’s decision to remove US troops from that area, was the United States of America. Supposedly, the White House was closely “watching” as this deal was being made but they were watching from the outside as both Erdogan and Vladimir Putin got exactly what they wanted. I thought it might be interesting to look at the horoscopes of these two men and see how this dual victory came about.

The horoscopes we have for Putin and Erdogan have been labeled questionable. The source for the birth time for both men are considered unreliable. (Click on Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan to go to Astro Databank and see the charts and their disclaimers.) However, with regard to recent events, those questionable charts have not done so badly.

Vladimir Putin’s goal for many years has been to make Russia a major player on the world stage once again. Brokering a deal between Turkey and Syria was a step toward that goal. What made it even sweeter was the fact the it was the Kurds, former allies of the United States, who are going to be hurt by the deal.

This year two important transits have been impacting Putin’s chart. Uranus has been moving back and forth across his Descendant, indicating restlessness and sudden, dramatic changes, and Saturn has been square his natal Saturn, a Saturn Cycle aspect, describing a period in which life-changing decisions will be made. Both of these transit are currently moving toward their final pass, which will occur in November. This indicates that this deal could go even farther than is already apparent toward allowing Russia to replace the US as the dominant power in the Mideast.

This deal is also a big win for Erdogan. Not only is he, for all practical purposes, extending Turkish territory, he is creating a buffer zone between Turkey and Kurdish rebels who might be working out of Syria. The Turks and the Kurds have a longstanding disagreement. The Kurds want a Kurdish homeland and the Turks want the Kurds to go away. This disagreement has frequently become deadly.

For the past few years transiting Pluto has been slowly crossing Erdogan’s Ascendant. This typically represents a difficult period in one’s life and this has certainly the case for the Turkish president. In 2016 he survived an attempt coup after which he cracked down on free speech locked up a bunch of his political enemies. This brought criticism from other countries in the European Union. Meanwhile, Erdogan popularity with the Turkish people began a downward slide and this has resulted in a couple of electoral defeats.

Fortunately, Pluto has now moved beyond Erdogan’s Ascendant and Saturn is moving toward that degree. Like Putin, Erdogan is getting ready to go through the last pass of a Saturn Cycle aspect. Saturn crossing the Ascendant is not always an easy passage. We feel pushed to make important decision and take constructive action that will solidify and extend our identity. By remaking the map of Turkey, Erdogan has certain done that, but the ramifications (and there are always ramification with a Saturn transit) could be a bloody  war with the Kurds and worldwide condemnation.