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Hillary vs. Tulsi

Hillary Clinton’s remarks about the Russians “grooming” a current Democratic candidate for a third party run in 2020 designed to give the election to Donald Trump has raised quite a stir. It seems pretty obvious that the candidate she was referring to was Tulsi Gabbard, and Gabbard wasted no time in firing back.

What’s interesting about this exchange, from an astrological point of view, is that both Clinton and Gabbard have significant aspects in their charts involving Mars and Pluto. Clinton has Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo. Gabbard has Mars (along with the Sun and Venus) in Aries opposed to Pluto. People with Mars in hard aspects with Pluto tend to be fighters. They also often possess a propensity for pissing people off. This has been a problem for HRC throughout her career. Gabbard’s vitriolic response to Clinton's accusation indicates that she is also doesn't mind making enemies.

The transits involved in this exchange are also interesting. Saturn is forming a quincunx aspect to both Mars and Pluto in Clinton’s chart right now. (Click here to see her chart using an 8AM birth time.) The somewhat oblique nature of Clinton’s remark is characteristic of a quincunx aspect. Also characteristic of a quincunx is the fact that her remarks had results that Clinton very likely did not foresee. The conflict between Gabbard and Clinton has revealed a deep divide in the Democratic Party.

We do not have a birth time for Tulsi Gabbard, but the transits to her partial horoscope are also quite significant. (Click on Tulsi Gabbard to see the partial horoscope.) First of all there is good news. Jupiter is trine Gabbard’s Mars right now and during the next six weeks it with move on to trine her Sun and Venus. Clinton’s accusation has raised Gabbard’s profile among the Democratic contenders and she is already using it in her fund raising. She is likely to see a bump up in the polls because of this added attention.

The bad news is that transiting Pluto is also aspecting Gabbards Mars right now. It is square her Mars, echoing the opposition that is in Gabbard’s natal chart. As I said in my “contenders” article about Gabbard, Pluto transits often bring us periods of frustration and conflict in which our best efforts seem wasted. This aspect has certainly brought forth Gabbard’s fighting spirit but it is not likely to help her candidacy in the long run.

Pluto’s square to Gabbard’s Mars is currently separating but it will then move on the square her Sun. In January, both Pluto and Saturn will square Gabbard’s Sun and Pluto will continue to square either her Sun or Venus throughout 2020. As I said in my first article on Gabbard, these are transformative aspects that can have positive psychological and spiritual results, but they are not conducive to winning an election. So, this fight between Clinton and Gabbard would seem to be battle that neither party can win.

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