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Mick Mulvaney Says It AllMulvaneyImage

Yesterday acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney announced in a press conference that President Trump did indeed withhold military aid from Ukraine in order to induce the President of Ukraine to initiate an investigation that would help Trump politically. With this one remark, emphatically made and repeated, Mulvaney undercut claims made by both the President and his supporters that there was no “quid pro quo” in Trump’s famous phone conversation with the Ukrainian President.

Mulvaney’s chart reveals both a penchant for impulsive behavior and maladroit pronouncements. (Click on Mick Mulvaney to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) Rambunctious Mars is square his natal Sun while Saturn is square his Mercury. People with Saturn square Mercury tend to speak plainly, while people with Mars square the Sun (particularly when the Sun is in a Water sign like Cancer) go with their gut without a whole lot of thought about the ramifications.

 Of course, this is not the first time Mulvaney’s mouth has gotten him in trouble. During the Republican primaries he was highly critical of Donald Trump and once called him a “terrible human being.” Apparently President Trump forgave this remark. Whether Mulvaney will be forgiven for what he said yesterday remains to be seen.

What interests me about this partial horoscope is the fact that transiting Saturn was square Mulvaney’s natal Saturn in January 2019, when he was appointed acting Chief of Staff. This is one of the Saturn Cycle aspect that usually signals a profound turning point in a person’s life. It is often the time when a person does or says the thing with which he or she will forever be identified. Right now, transiting Saturn is only two degrees beyond Mulvaney’s natal Saturn. The statement he made yesterday could very well become the thing that gets Mulvaney into the history books.

Of course, since we are now living in the Trump universe, Mulvaney is now claiming that he didn’t say what he clearly said in front of several microphones, television cameras and a room full of reporters. This kind of blatant denial of the facts has become a signature move for this White House and no one is particularly surprised. What was a little surprising was the statement Mulvaney made at the end of his admission of the President’s wrongdoing. He told reporters (and by extension all the President’s critics) to “get over it,” implying that anyone questioning the actions of Donald Trump was wasting his or her time.

In my analysis of the Full Moon chart for Oct. 13 (click here to see that article) I pointed out that the fact that Pluto being in a tight square with the Sun and Moon would put even greater pressure on both side of the impeachment inquiry. I wrote that “The big question will be who has the power.”

President Trump has certainly been feeling pressured, largely because of the bi-partisan backlash against his withdrawal of troops from Northern Syria. Whether intentionally or not, Mulvaney’s comments reveal the President’s reponse to that pressure. With his “get over it” remark Mulvaney was essentially saying that, regardless of the platitudes put forth by Democrats, Donald Trump is above the law and that there is nothing that anyone in congress or the media or anywhere else can do about it.