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Astrology at Work: The Impeachment of Bill Clinton

Last week I discussed the impeachment proceedings brought against Richard Nixon. (Click here to see the article.) For a lot of people, 1974 is ancient history. Nowadays, when people think about impeachment they are more likely to think of 1998 and 1999 and stains on a red dress.

Richard Nixon’s troubles started when a Saturn transit set off the paranoia of which Capricorns, particular with they are feeling insecure, are often prone. In Clinton’s case it was a secondary progression that sparked the self-indulgence toward which Leos are sometimes inclined. In July 1995, when Clinton’s secondary progressed Venus was square his natal Sun, a young woman named Monica Lewinsky joined the staff at the White House. Before long President Clinton’s interest in this impressionable intern became sexual. (Click on Bill Clinton to see the horoscope.)

The problem was that Clinton was already being investigated by a Special Prosecutor (Kenneth Starr) because of financial dealings during his tenure and Governor of Arkansas. On top of that, he was facing a tough reelection campaign. So in April 1996 the President shipped Lewinsky over to the Pentagon. Clinton went on to win reelection (when Saturn was crossed his Descendant) and in Feb. 1997, when Saturn crossed his Descendant again, he resumed his affair with Lewinsky.

What Bill Clinton didn’t know was that Lewinsky had made a friend while she was working at the Pentagon. The friend’s name was Linda Tripp and she had a grudge against the Clintons. Tripp began recording her phone conversations with the younger woman and, in Jan 1998, she took her tape recordings to the Kenneth Starr who quickly broadened his investigation to include the President’s sexual improprieties.

That’s when Saturn stepped in. In July 1998, when Saturn squared his natal Saturn, Bill Clinton was subpoenaed by the Special Prosecutor to testify about his dealing with Monica Lewinsky. On August 17, the President was grilled by a team of prosecutors and his answers to their pointed questions were painfully convoluted. By this time Saturn had moves a degree and a half beyond its square to Saturn but it turned retrogrades a couple of weeks later. It was exact once again when Starr gave his report to Congress and the House of Representatives opened an impeachment inquiry.

Secondary progressions were also a factor. In 1998 Clinton’s secondary progressed Mars was moving into a square to his natal Pluto. But, as with Nixon, it was Saturn that brought the hammer down on this president. When Saturn is active in our charts our shortcomings are revealed and our private faults very often become public.

Clinton survived the impeachment vote in the Senate but the damage done to his legacy was irreparable. Much like Nixon’s, the Clinton presidency was in many ways remarkably successful. He could be remembered as a great president. Instead the things we most recall about his two terms in office are the salacious details of the President’s sexual indiscretions. Saturn has a way of hitting us where it hurts the most and, for a Leo, that is your reputation and how your are seen by the public.

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