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MoonImagePurpleFollowing the Moon: Oct. 13, 2019

In the New Moon chart for Sept. 28 (click here to see the article and the chart) we had both the Sun and Moon in the Ninth House of ideology. I predicted that we would see liberals and conservatives return to their respective corners and harden their positions. I had hoped that the aspects to the Sun and Moon would produce some cracks in that ideological stalemate but, so far, those cracks have been minimal.

I had also predicted that there would be a slowing of events in Washington. We saw that early in the cycle, with Democrats waiting for testimony from a second whistle-blower and the President holding back witnesses, but the pace has seemed to quicken recently. The good news that I saw coming for President Trump turned out to be the signing of a trade agreement with Japan and the possibility of the first steps toward a deal with China. However, that good news has largely been drowned out by the impeachment hearings and a series of legal setbacks for the President.

The Full Moon for Oct. 13 (click here to see the chart) seems to indicate that the general messiness of this impeachment process will continue. The Sun and Moon form an exact T-square with Pluto which indicates that the pressure of this process will be increasing for all parties involved. Frustration is going to mount on both sides and, as always with Pluto, this could lead to some extreme reactions. The big question will be who has the power.

Another striking thing about this chart is the fact that Neptune is directly on the Ascendant while Jupiter is riding the Midheaven. Jupiter and Neptune have been dancing around in a 90 degree angle for the past few months. That aspect is currently separating as Jupiter hurries toward Capricorn. However, it looks like we’re going to get one last dose of the concentrated weirdness, confusion and misinformation that these two planets are prone to produce during this lunation period.

We’ve already seen Republicans and Democrats putting their own spin on information coming out of the impeachment inquiry. This will certainly continue. However, I think we are going to see other events and other scandals emerging as well. These issues might not be as momentous and impeaching a president, but they will divert our attention for a while. With Jupiter and Neptune, we might expect more smoke and mirrors, but there is another way of looking at this configuration.

Neptune is sextile Saturn while Jupiter forms an exact semi-sextile with Pluto. Saturn and Pluto represent the exact opposite of the indiscreet optimism of Neptune and Jupiter. They are always pulling us toward what’s serious and real. There is a possibility that the involvement of these two planets will help us see what’s hidden behind the Neptunian fog and the Jupiterian bombast. It may be a faint hope, but it’s worth holding on to.

In this New Moon chart we have Uranus in the Second House of money opposed to Venus in the Eighth House of investments and inheritance. This could signal another shakeup in the markets or it could indicate that the Jupiter-Neptune scandal will involve financial issues. In fact, unless my best hope for the Jupiter to Neptune square works out, the only real clarity that we can expect during the next two weeks may be something we can measure in dollars and cents.

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