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A Stent for Bernie SanderssanderBImage

Earlier this year I predicted (click here to see the article) that the opposition by transiting Neptune to Bernie Sanders’ Sun could cause him health problems. Though it’s a little be latter than I thought it would be, that had come to pass. Sanders went into the hospital with chest pains this week and had stents put into his arteries.

I don’t think anyone expects this to slow Bernie Sanders down for long. Even though we don’t have a complete horoscope for Sanders, a chart done for noon on his date of birth (click here to see the horoscope) shows that he has both the Moon and Mars in Aries. It’s this big dose of Aries energy that is behind the Vermont Senator’s aggressive style and it will likely power him through this health crisis.

The astrology of the current situation is also on Bernie’s side. Neptune is currently moving retrograde back toward its opposition to his Sun, but it does not complete this aspect. Neptune turns direct in late November at 15Pisces56. (Bernie’s Sun is at 15Virgo35.) Also, Jupiter is nearing an opposition aspect to Sanders’ natal Jupiter and Saturn is trine his natal Sun. The Jupiter aspect will increase Sanders’ optimism while the Saturn trine will make him anxious to get down to business.

However, Sanders is by no means out of the woods. Politically, he continues to fall further behind Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in the polls and, with this health scare, questions about his age are going to be difficult to avoid. He’s going to have to increase the already grueling pace of his campaign just to prove to the public that he’s still viable candidate.

There are also some major astrological issues facing Bernie Sanders, particularly in January 2020. That’s when transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto meet up in Capricorn. Their exact conjunction will occur when both planets are square Bernie’s natal Venus and his natal Mars. This is going to produce a great deal of tension and pressure in Sanders’ life. Without a complete horoscope it is difficult to know in what area of his life this pressure will be most felt, but more problems involving his health are likely.