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Rowdy Rudy in the Spotlight

Between Nov 2015 and Nov. 2017 Saturn passed opposite Rudy Giuliani’s natal Sun in Gemini and his natal Saturn. During this period, the man who had once been called “America’s Mayor” and at one time considered himself presidential material, hitched his star, his career and his good name to that of Donald Trump. As might be expected, considering the significance of these transits, this decision has come to represent a definite turning point in the way the public views Rudy Giuliani, though not in the way he might have hoped.

In Giuliani’s natal chart, Neptune in on the Ascendant. When I wrote about his horoscope last year (click here to see that article and on Rudy Giuliani to see the chart) I pointed out that this indicates a lack of boundaries. At the same time, Giuliani has Saturn on the Midheaven of his chart which indicates very strict boundaries. During his career as a prosecutor and a law-and-order mayor, it was Saturn that led the way. However, in his defense of President Trump, mostly what we’ve been seeing is Neptune.

This Neptunian influence has particularly evident during the past few days. Giuliani has become a central figure in President Trump’s apparent attempt to force the new prime minster of Ukraine to give him dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Giuliani has spent a great deal of time during the summer traveling to the Ukraine and speaking to Ukrainian officials about the matter. The fact that there is no evidence to support any accusations of wrongdoing by Biden seems to be only a minor impediment.

In his defense of his actions and of Trump’s notorious phone call to the prime minister, Giuliani has alternated between shouting at his accusers and calmly contradiction his own testimony, sometimes within the same sentence. The truthfulness of what he says is never the issue. What’s important is raising questions in the public mind about Joe Biden. This Neptune at it worse, obscuring facts, diverting attention and making the truth a matter of perception.

It might seem that what we’re seeing now is either Rudy Giuliani’s great, shining moment (he reportedly stated that he will eventually come out this scandal a “hero”) or the ignoble end of what was once seen by many as a brilliant career. However, as wild as the circumstances surrounding Giuliani are at present, they are going to get much wilder. Transiting Uranus is currently moving retrograde. By November it will be within a degree of a square to Giuliani’s natal Mars. It will remain in this aspect until March of 2020.

When Uranus squares Mars we see disruptions in our way of living. Our assumptions are turned up-side-down and our best laid plans unravel. We are prone to act impulsively and recklessly. Accidents, both the kind that put you in the hospital and the kind that leave you with your foot in your mouth, are likely. Since Giuliani will be dealing with this aspect during a period when Donald Trump will also be facing some heavy transit, it may be that his trouble will have something to do with the star to which he as so firmly linked his reputation.

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