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Following the Moon: Sept. 28, 2019MoonImagePurple

I’ve never been shy about admitting when I get something wrong in one of these forecasts, so it only seems appropriate that I brag a bit when I get something right. In my assessment of the Sept. 14 Full Moon (click here to see the article and the chart) I promised that “some sort of deception will be uncovered” and that there would be significant “events involving government or figures of authority.” I also noted “that powerful forces are going to be at work and possibly in conflict. The configuration seems to describe one powerful entity uncovering major deceptions or errors in judgment on the part of another.”

I think that this was a pretty good description of the political express train that was the last lunation period. It began immediately after the Full Moon, when Adam Schiff announced his intention to subpoena the whistle-blower complaint and didn’t stop until it pulled into the impeachment station. I did get a couple of things wrong. I thought the inclusion of the Sixth House in this dynamic indicated matters involving health. Instead, it described a nation shaken by the actions of one lowly public servant. (The Sixth also rules servants.)

The New Moon for Sept. 28 seems to indicate a bit of a slowdown in the pace of events. Even though the Sun and the Moon are placed in the Ninth House (click here to see the chart) which is associated with ideology, the chart is, as a whole, not as dynamic as the charts for the past two lunations have been.

This placement of the Sun and the Moon indicates that people will fall back on their political ideology in order to make sense of what is happening. We already see plenty of evidence of this. Liberals are calling the President’s phone call to the Ukrainian Prime Minister a violation of the Constitution while conservatives see it as an unremarkable conversation.

However, these political fortresses may not be as impenetrable as they usually appear. The Sun and Moon form a quincunx aspect to Uranus. The quincunx is the sneakiest of aspects and Uranus is the trickiest of planets. Both tend to destabilized and open the door to the unexpected, so we might see cracks developing in these bastions of the political divide and multiple defections from one side of another.

Venus gets a heavy workout in this chart. It is square Saturn, in an exact sextile to Jupiter and a quincunx to Neptune. Venus is also in the Ninth House, so we can relate it to the contest of political ideologies. However, Venus also rules the Tenth House, which rules figures of authority. In that sense, we might see Venus as representing President Trump in this chart.

If that is the case, then our President is in for an up-and-down two weeks. Saturn says ”no” while Jupiter says “yes”, so he’s going to be getting both bad news and good news. Since both planets are strongly placed, it might seem that the good will balance out the bad, but that’s where Neptune comes in. Remember, the quincunx is the sneaky aspect, and Neptune describes deception, particularly self-deception. It may be that Trump’s perception of what constitutes good news and bad news will not be all that accurate.

Of course, with Neptune calling the shots, we could be diverted by a scandal or mess-up that has nothing to do with politics (though, in today’s climate, it’s hard to imagine what that might be). Overall, however, I see this chart as foretelling instability and lots of surprises.

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