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Pelosi Pulls the Trigger

For the past several months Neptune has been moving back and forth across Nancy Pelosi’s natal Mercury. She’s been criticized for hesitating to begin impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. In truth, she had good reason to hesitate. A failed impeachment could spell disaster for Democrats in the next election. However, yesterday she had a change of heart.

The event that pulled Pelosi out of her Neptunian fog was President Trump’s self-serving phone conversation to the Prime Minister of Ukraine in which he apparently used the weight of his office and a threat to hold up military aid to encourage the Prime Minister to smear a political opponent. The astrology of this change, on the other hand, is a little more complex. (Click here to see a double chart with a partial horoscope for Nancy Pelosi, done for noon on her date of birth, on the inside and a chart done for the time of her announcement on the outside.)

First of all, Jupiter has entered the picture, moving into a square to transiting Neptune and to Pelosi’s natal Mercury.  At the same time, transiting Jupiter forms a trine to Pelosi’s natal Jupiter. This the third time this year that Jupiter has made this configuration. However, what is different this time is that Mercury joined the party, moving opposite Pelosi’s Jupiter. This allowed Jupiter’s confidence and expansive energy to finally overcome the Neptunian confusion and present Pelosi with a clear choice.

Of course, Pelosi hasn’t forgotten about the political ramification of a failed impeachment. It would allow the President to go into the 2020 race claiming victory. It would also excite his base, who would see Trump as a victim of a Democratic witch hunt. At the same time, a failed impeachment might deflate Democrats and stymy turnout in 2020.

At the time that Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, Mars was conjunct her natal Neptune. She is aware that this is a risky move and that she and Democrats in the House are entering unknown territory. She is making a leap of faith. This uncertainty is further indicated by the fact the Sun at that time was quincunx Pelosi’s natal Saturn describing a situation in which the needs of her ego and her sense of duty were less than perfectly aligned.

Whatever doubts Pelosi might have entertained when she made her historic announcement, Uranus put them to rest. While she was speaking to reporters, the transiting Moon in Leo was trine her natal Sun. It was also square transiting Uranus, which is exactly semi-sextile Pelosi’s Sun. Uranus was speaking loudly in the Speaker’s chart at that moment, demanding radical action.

Back in August I wrote that the square that transiting Saturn was making to Saturn in the Sibly horoscope for the United States was going to bring us a turning point some time in August, September or early October. (Click here to see that article.) We have reached that turning point. Now the testing, which is what Saturn aspects are all about, begins.