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One Wild Night with Neptune and MarsTurnerBrockImage

The release of Chanel Miller’s (better known as “Emily Doe” in the 2015 rape trial of Brock Turner) book has renewed interest in that case. Turner was charged with sexually assaulting Miller while they both were students at Stanford University. Both were present at a fraternity party in which a great deal of alcohol was consumed. After the party, Turner was caught attempt to rape Miller, who was unconscious, behind a dumpster.

Turner was charged and convicted in court but the sentence he received was considered little more than a slap on the wrist. Many felt that the fact that he was white, good-looking, an athlete and attending one of the premier colleges in the country had something to do with the lightness of his sentence. Protests erupted and the sentencing judge was recalled.

We don’t have a time of birth for Brock Turner, but a chart done for noon on his date of birth (click on Brock Turner to see the horoscope) reveals that he is a Leo by Sun sign. It seems rather appropriate that this young man, who became a symbol of white male privilege, would be born under the most royal sign in the zodiac. Another feature that jumps out in this chart is the conjunction of the Moon in Libra with Mars. However, the importance of this aspect depends on the time of birth.

What I find most striking about this chart is the absence of stressful aspects. The chart is full of easy sextiles and jolly trines. In fact, the possible Moon conjunction with Mars would be the most stressful thing in the chart and then only if it was close. Otherwise, we have to go the lower tier of aspects to find a hint of unpleasantness. Turner’s Sun may be in a sesquidquadrate (145 degree) aspect with Saturn, but even that depends on the time of birth.

It might seem that people without stressful aspects have it made. Who wouldn’t want to be free of inner conflicts and self-doubt? However, it is those inner conflicts that inspire people to go out into the world and do things. They also cause us to examine ourselves and our actions. They help us build self-knowledge and, more importantly, character.

On the night of the rape, Jan. 18, 2015, the Sun was conjunct Uranus in Turner’s chart. This is an aspect for making rash decisions, though it typically doesn’t indicate life-changing rash decisions. For that we have to go to Neptune. Neptune was conjunct transiting Mars on that night and both were square Turner’s Jupiter.

Jupiter is particularly strong in Turner’s chart. It is trine his natal Sun. With a strong Jupiter trine the Sun in Leo, Turner is a supremely self-confident young man. Unfortunately, the aspects from Neptune and Mars activated the all the worst qualities of that self-confidence. Mars represents violence and lust. Neptune represents false assumptions and delusion. On that night Turner was primed to push his assumption of privilege to a cruel and unsavory extreme.

This is not to say that Neptune and Mars “caused” Brock Turner to commit rape. Nor can we blame the absence of stressful aspects in his chart. Even though people without stressful aspects might not have the inner mechanisms that engender self-examination, there are plenty of “outer” disciplines and belief systems that can help them do this. Like his race and social position, Turner’s stress-free chart was privilege. Unfortunately, it was privilege he chose to abuse.

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