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Trump’s Troubles

Chaos has been the identifying feature of the Trump administration from its very beginning. We have almost stopped paying attention. But recently there has been a significant increase in the troubles swirling around the White House and I decided to look at the President’s chart to see what was going on.

The most frightening problem facing the country right now is, of course, the tension with Iran. After nixing the peace deal worked out by the Obama administration, Donald Trump seems to have assumed that tighter economic sanctions would tame Iran’s leaders, but money doesn’t talk to religious zealots the way it talks to American capitalists and now we stand on the verge of, not just going to war, but becoming a part of a religious war between Sunnis and Shiites that has already been going on for over a thousand years.

Trump is also facing a variety of problems closer to home. The House of Representative is still talking about impeachment. He’s trying to quash testimony from a whistle-blower in the Office of National Intelligence. He’s suing his accountant to keep them from giving his tax returns in New York. His move to take money from the military budget to pay for his wall has angered some congress people who needed that money for pet project in their districts. The talks with China grind on with no end in sight. Meanwhile, his poll numbers are sinking. A recent poll has Trump losing to the four top democratic candidates in Texas!

So what’s going on in Trump’s chart? I should start off by saying that I see nothing currently impacting Donald Trump’s horoscope that describes major change. However, there are plenty of aspects that strongly indicate bother.

For example, Neptune is square Trump’s natal Uranus. This is not a big deal, or at least it wouldn’t be if Trump wasn’t such a Uranian person. His Uranian nature is one reason he seems to feed off chaos. However, with Neptune square his Uranus, Trump’s random, off-the-wall statements and actions are more likely to do unforeseen damage. Instead, of disappearing from the public consciousness with the next news cycle, Trump’s Uranian tweets and declarations are lingering and creating a sticky web of half-truths and pointless boasts that is not easy to escape.

For the past four months, transiting Jupiter has been locked in a 90 degree aspect with transiting Neptune. Back in April Jupiter was quite kind to Donald Trump. It aligned with his Moon and opposed his Sun and the Mueller investigation closed with no immediate damage to his presidency. Now Trump is getting the opposite side of Jupiter, which is over-confidence. Even as his poll numbers sink and the House toys with the possibility of impeachment, the President continues to make rash statements and abuse his power.

Fortunately for Donald Trump, transiting Jupiter is currently sextile his natal Jupiter, a mildly fortunate aspect that gives him a little cover in these trying times. But Jupiter is now moving quickly and this aspects will be gone in a couple of weeks, while the square by Neptune to his Uranus will plague him for at least another months.

However, the biggest problem in Trump’s chart right now does not come from Neptune. On Sept. 18 Saturn turned direct. It is now traveling toward an opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn. The opposition will happen in January 2020, just as Saturn aligns with transiting Pluto. What’s happening to Donald Trump now and what will be happening in the next three months will be leading up to the momentous aspect. That when all of this bother hits the fan.

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