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Brett Gets Busted AgainKavanaughImage

Not again! Are we really ready for another congressional hearing with Brett Kavanaugh tearfully telling us how much he likes beer? Brace yourself, because that has become a possibility. More information has emerged about Kavanaugh’s rowdy past and the utter failure of the FBI to investigate charges of sexual impropriety made against him last year. Democrats in congress (most of them presidential hopefuls) are already calling for his impeachment.

First of all (with all do modesty) I must point out that this falls perfectly in line with what I wrote in my analysis of the Sept. 14 Full Moon chart. I wrote “some sort of deception will be uncovered”. In that chart we had Neptune in the Tenth House conjunct the Moon and opposed to the Sun and Mars. This is the perfect aspect for actions related to people in positions of power that were based on deception or incomplete information. Democrats are claiming that Kavanaugh’s confirmation was exactly that.

The good news for conservatives is that there are no significant transits showing up in the partial horoscope (done without a time of birth) for Kavanaugh. (Click on Brett Kavanaugh to see the partial horoscope.) This would indicate that he has nothing to fear from the latest allegations and that they will pass into oblivion after this two week lunation period. The bad news is that this partial horoscope doesn’t include a lot important information, information that could foretell a world of hurt for the sitting Supreme Court Justice.

Fitting into the same category of “some sort of deception will be uncovered”, we have Adam Schiff, the chairperson of the House Intelligence Committee, subpoenaing information from the Director of National Intelligence with regard to a “whistle-blower” whose testimony was not released to the House committee. We don’t know what this person had to say, but the important question is why and on whose order was his or her testimony quashed. The deadline to respond to that subpoena is today and, given the record of the Trump administration when it comes to subpoenas, no response is likely.

On top of all this, we have the drone strike on a Saudi oil facility. Even though a Yemeni group has claimed responsibility, many believe that Iran was involved. If all that wasn’t shady enough, the White House can’t seem to get its story straight about whether or not this attack has put us on a war footing with Iran, with the President tweeting out one message and his staff hurriedly asserting another.

The signature of Mars is confrontation, belligerence and sex. The signature of Neptune is confusion, deception and scandal. So far, we’ve had a triple dose of both, and this lunation cycle still has a week and a half to go. Hold on to your hats. It's going to be a bumpy ride.