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Following the Moon: Sept. 14, 2019

I had expected that the remarkably favorable horoscope we had for the Aug. 30 New Moon would play out in the political arena, (click here to see the chart and article) but instead we saw it work in the form of weather. At the time I wrote that piece Hurricane Dorian was set to hit the east coast of Florida as a category 4 hurricane. Instead it stalled over the Bahama’s and turned northward. Dorian brought severe flooding and a loss power to the Carolinas but compared to the tremendous damage it caused in the Bahamas, the US got a lucky break.

In the Aug. 30 chart the Sun and Moon were conjunct the Ascendant and trine Uranus. I considered this a “lucky” configuration and that luck spared us incredible devastation and possible loss of life. There was some movement on the political front. The House Judiciary Committee’s decision to continue investigations leading toward impeachment was important, but hardly the kind of head-turning change that I expected. The fact that President Trump blatantly broke two laws during the past two weeks (one dealing with emoluments and another against falsifying an official weather forecast) makes it seem as if he is daring the House to move forward.

During this lunation we also had the dismissal of John Bolton as Trump’s National Security Advisor. It is notable that Uranus in the Aug. 30 New Moon chart is in the 9th House of foreign affairs. The removable of Bolton’s hawkish input might also also be seen as a lucky break for the United States but, until we know who will replace him, we can't say for sure.

Though less stunning than the Aug. 30 chart, a chart done for the next Full Moon on Sept. 14 is also notably active. (Click here to see the horoscope.) We have the Sun and Moon in the 4th and 10th houses. This usually signals events involving government or figures of authority. We also have Mars opposing Neptune in the 4th and 10th houses and forming a T-square with Jupiter. With all this activity in angular houses, I think we can expect this lunation period to be just as full of surprises as the last one.

The entanglement of the Mars to Neptune opposition with the opposition of the Sun and Moon makes me think that some sort of deception will be uncovered. Given the Trump administration history of misrepresentation, it would have to be a pretty big deception to be worthy of this powerful aspect. The fact that Mars and Neptune square Jupiter in the 6th House might indicate that the deception will involve health care or the health of a top official.

Also notable in this chart is the sextile/trine aspect that Pluto makes to the Sun and Moon. Given that the Moon in the 10th House and Pluto is angular, it would seem to indicate that powerful forces are going to be at work and possibly in conflict. The configuration seems to describe one powerful entity uncovering major deceptions or errors in judgment on the part of another.

Pluto rarely shocks us. Instead, it grinds away what is false and useless in order to show the world what has been hidden. The next two weeks may not be as exciting at the last lunation period, but my feeling is that they could be even more momentous.