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The Debate: Sept. 12 (Part One)

The next Democratic debate is scheduled of Sept 12. It should be a lively affair, since on that date we will have Mars, Jupiter and Neptune forming a T-square with the Full Moon only a little over 24 hours away.  So, I’ve decided to get an early start on astrologically handicapping the debate. I’m going to start with the five contenders for whom we do not have a time of birth. For all of these candidates I will be using a chart done for noon on their date of birth.

Bernie Sanders – Mars will be conjunct Sanders’ Sun on Sept. 12, with Neptune opposite and Jupiter square. Given that he is an excitable lad even with the sky is relatively quiet, Bernie should be particularly energized for this debate. He’s going to have to defend his position at the far left extreme of this field of candidates. The aggressiveness of Mars should help him do this, but Neptune’s influence may make it difficult for him to do so with clarity and focus. Sanders is going to have to beware of coming across as too extreme, too bombastic and too angry in this debate.

Elizabeth Warren – I’ve come to the conclusion that there must be something big happening in Elizabeth Warren’s chart right now that I can’t see in the partial horoscope I’m using. Her candidacy has been showing a lot of momentum in the past few weeks. If this unknown something involves Jupiter (which think it does) then Warren’s performance in this debate could be even more explosive than Bernie’s. If not, then she may seem to fade into the background on Thursday night. The bottom line is that this debate will probably tell us as much about Warren’s horoscope as about her policies.

Beto O’Rourke – O’Rourke might be seen as having a home field advantage in this debate since it’s taking place in Texas. Unfortunately for him, his candidacy needs a lot more than that to keep going. The debate format just doesn’t seem to favor his lay-back Libra approach. O’Rourke does get a boost in this debate because on Thursday night transiting Mercury and Venus will be crossing his natal Mars. This should allow him to come across as more forceful and energetic. However, considering the fireworks we will be seeing from Sanders and will likely see from Warren, he might still appear relatively weak.

Pete Buttigieg – There was a time when the main concern about Buttigieg was spelling his name right, but he has shown himself to be a legitimate contender who punches way above his political weight. (Capricorns will do that.) Unfortunately, in this partial horoscope, what stands out on Thursday night is the square between transiting Saturn and Buttigieg’s natal Mars. The aspect first appeared when Mayor Pete was dealing with racial issues in South Bend. I think that it will continue to hold him back on Thursday. On the bright side, Saturn will soon turn direct and quickly separate from this aspect. When that happens, barring interference from factors I can’t see in this partial chart, his candidacy should get a big boost.

Amy Klobuchar – Amy Klobuchar is going to have to watch out in this debate. On Thursday night Saturn will be opposite her natal Mercury. This is the perfect aspect for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. It is also an aspect that can make mental process sluggish and bring fatigue and negativity. Were Klobuchar’s candidacy on a firmer footing she might be able to survive this kind of aspect during a debate, but with he her poll numbers barely above 2 percent and gaggle of contenders waiting to take her place on the debate stage, Klobuchar can’t afford to a Saturn let down.

That’s what I have to say about what these candidates might do on Thursday. Keep in mind that, in each case, I’m using a partial horoscope and there is much that I cannot see. In a couple of days I’ll look at the five candidates for whom we have a time of birth. With them I should be able to be more definite.

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