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Following the Moon: Aug. 30, 2019

Reading through what I wrote about the Full Moon chart for Aug. 15 (click here to see the article and the chart) I’m amazed at how well this horoscope described the last two weeks. I wrote that the placement of Venus in that chart would bring us some encouraging news. The fact that the President of France was able to open the way for possible talks between the US and Iran certainly fulfills that prediction. We also had President Trump assuring us that there had been progress in the impasse with China over trade, through the veracity of that report is somewhat in doubt.

This brings us to the placement of Jupiter and Neptune on the angles of the Full Moon chart. I said that this would likely bring us a lot of distractions and fake news. Early in this cycle we had President Trump making promises about gun control and a middle class tax cut. He quickly withdrew from both positions. Then we had the G-7 meeting with Trump saying everything was fine while all the other countries were looking for ways to isolate the United States. Also, there was a “big” revelation about the “deep state” by Overstock.com founder, Patrick Byrne, that was broadcast on Fox News and CNN but quickly ran out of steam.

I also mentioned a news item that would come at us under the radar but still be of major concern. I see that as the fires in the Amazon rain forest. It took time for the American public to recognize that this wasn’t just another natural disaster in a foreign country, that it could potentially be devastating for the entire planet.

If the last Full Moon chart was all about smoke and mirrors, the upcoming New Moon chart is a lightning strike right between the eyes. First of all, the New Moon occurs (in Washington D.C.) exactly at sunrise, with both the Sun and Moon right on the Ascendant. In all the time that I have been studying these lunation charts, I have never seen this happen. (Click here to see the chart.)

But that’s just the beginning. The Sun and Moon are closely aligned with Mars and more widely conjunct Mercury and Venus. That’s an explosive situation in itself, but then we have Uranus exactly (within a degree) trine the Sun and Moon. It also trines Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Ascendant.

All of this seems to describe a shocking event of major significance that will be very much in the face of the American public. The fact that the aspect is a trine would indicate that this event will mostly likely be viewed as positive, but Uranus plays rough and even when the planet is in a friendly mode, it tends to leave behind a few bruises.

Since Uranus is in the Ninth House this event could involve politics, the law or something to do with our ethical values. However, all the planets involved are in Earth signs, which would indicate that what happens will have concrete, perhaps monetary, consequences. With both Mars and Uranus involved, we have to expect something sudden and unexpected. Violence is also a possibility but, since the aspect is a trine and Venus is also involved, I think this would be unlikely.

Predicting Uranus aspects are always tricky. This chart could manifest in a cataclysmic weather event or a sharp downward turn in the stock market, though this also contradicts the positive quality of the aspect. Maybe President Trump is right and the Chinese are ready to give up the trade war or it might be something totally new and unexpected. One thing to keep in mind is that Congress will be back in session on Sept. 8. Could it be that Nancy Pelosi, after hearing from her California constituents, has changed her mind about impeachment? With aspects to Uranus, you just never know.