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Boris Bears DownJohnsonBorisImage

The move by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to extend the suspension of Parliament has caused outrage across the political spectrum in that country. Many see it as an attempt to limit debate over Britain’s departure from the European Union that is set for October. Johnson, who was one of the chief proponents of the Brexit vote, has taken a do-or-die approach to the measure that many see as extremely dangerous.

Johnson is often compared to Donald Trump in terms of his conservative opinions and populous style. There are similarities in their charts. (Click on Boris Johnson to see the horoscope.) Like Trump, Johnson is a Gemini by Sun sign and, also like Trump, his Sun conjunct the North Node of the Moon. I’ve noticed that people with this conjunction tend to have oversized egos. No one has ever accused either Trump or Johnson of being shy.

However, there also some outstanding differences between the charts of these two leaders. In fact, Johnson’s horoscope actually has more in common with that of Jair Bolsonaro (click here to see my article on Bolsonaro). Like the Brazilian president, Johnson has his Sun in the Ninth House. He is a true believer, a man who acts on his principles regardless how practical or impractical that might be.

Many people in Britain and elsewhere warn that breaking with the E.U. without a plan could bring about an economic disaster that would have repercussions around the world. However, this seems to be exactly what Johnson seems ready to do. By limiting the time for debate, Johnson is also limiting the chances that conservatives who want a Brexit plan and liberals who want no Brexit at all can unit against him. His principles tell him that Brexit must happen, and that’s all he needs to know.

Right now Saturn is near the I.C. in Boris Johnson’s chart. In fact, since the time of birth we have for Johnson is from a letter written by his father and likely approximate, I would add five minutes which would put Saturn directly on Johnson’s I.C. This is, of course, a Saturn Cycle aspect, and during Saturn Cycle aspects we are often called upon to make life-changing choices and decisions. This is what Boris Johnson is doing. The problem is that his decision is likely to have life-changing results the whole of Britain.


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