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Fiddling While the Amazon Burns

When Donald Trump was elected, some people predicted that he would bring about the end of life on earth as we know it. Who knew that the guy who would really do this would be a Trump clone down in Brazil?

In all fairness, Jair Bolsonaro was doing Trump long before Donald Trump even thought of entering politics. Bolsonaro’s record for voicing far right wing opinions, Nazi sentiments and totalitarian dreams stretches back to his time as an officer in the Brazilian military. In fact, Bolsonaro views the twenty years of military dictatorship in Brazil as a golden age and threatens his critics with the kind of “disappearing” and torture that was common during that period.

And yet, Bolsonaro’s won in Brazil’s 2018 presidential election. He was elected partly because he promised to put “Brazil first” (sound familiar) and had more money funneled into his campaign than anyone in Brazilian history. It was the source of all this money that brings us to the fires in the Amazon, because much of it probably came from businesses that stand to profit from the replacement of the untamed Amazon forest with nice, clear, arable land that can be used for farming.

Like Donald Trump, Bolsonaro has Uranus emphasized in his chart. (Click here to see Bolsonaro chart.) It is conjunct Jupiter and Bolsonaro’s Ascendant. With both Uranus (originality) and Jupiter (bombast) on his Ascendant, it’s no surprise that Bolsonaro has become such a controversial character. Like Trump, who has Uranus strongly placed in the Tenth House, Bolsonaro exults in being different and upsetting the status quo. The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus also gives him a certain degree of luck, much as trine between Jupiter and Uranus in Trump’s chart has done.

Where Bolsonaro differs from Trump is in the placement of his Sun in Aries and in the Ninth House. While Trump’s political positions tend to vary according to who was the last person to talk to him, Bolsonaro is an idealist with firm commitments that have remained consistent throughout his career. He sees himself as a crusader for order and right-wing, Christian principles. He is also very much a Brazilian nationalist. So what if the rest of the world needs the Amazon rain forest in order to breathe. Let ‘em grow their own damn trees.

Right now, in Bolsonaro’s horoscope, transiting Uranus is conjunct his natal Midheaven. It’s no wonder that his contrarian attitude is being highlighted on the world stage. This aspect will return in 2020, so it is likely that Bolsonaro’s policies will continue to be a global concern for some time. Depending on who wins the US election in Nov, this could case strife between our country and Brazil.

More worrisome, at least for Bolsonaro, is the passage of Pluto across his Descendant. This will be going on throughout 2020 and into 2021. It describes a person struggling against powers beyond his or her control. This could be a personal issue, such as an illness, or it could be something more public. For example, if Bolsonaro’s continued disregard for preserving the Amazon were to cause other nations to impose economic sanctions, it could greatly damage the Brazilian president’s popularity.

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