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Steve King and the Perils of Too Much GeminiKingSteveImage

The United States has a long tradition of senators and congressional representatives from so-called “safe” districts pontificating in ways that far exceed their education or IQ. The latest incarnation of this tradition is the congressman from Iowa, Steve King. King has established himself as the voice of the far, far right within the Republican Party and, in this capacity, he has famously sounded off on issues like education and immigration. Recently, he has taken up the subject of reproductive rights.

King is a Gemini by Sun sign. He also has the Moon in Gemini. If he was born early in the morning the Sun and Moon would be conjunct in his chart, making him a New Moon baby. (Click on Steve King to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) Gemini’s love to collect facts. They love figuring things out.  Sometimes this makes them seem a little cleverer than the rest of us. It makes the Gemini the smartest guy or gal in the room. But there are occasions when the only person who finds what the Gemini has to say clever is the Gemini.

It’s hard to say much more about King’s chart without a time of birth. It is obvious that he is emphatically a Gemini. (In fact, if I had to guess, I would put his time of birth in around sunrise which would make his Ascendant Gemini as well.) But any further judgements would depend on the house placement of this Sun, Moon and the planets in his chart.

However, we can say something about the transits that have recently been impacting this chart. First of all, Pluto has been moving back and forth in a trine to King’s Mars since early 2017 and it will continue to do so until the end of this year. With this transit, King feels empowered. He feels that nothing can hurt him. He understands that the current political climate gives him the opportunity to say pretty much whatever comes to mind without getting any significant push back from his constituents.

However, King’s more recent comments on reproductive rights seem to have their origin in a different transit. King opposes abortion even in the case of rape and incest. To back up this position, he pointed out that in ancient times there were a lot of pregnancies that resulted from rape and incest. This is true, (as I said, Geminis love collecting facts) but it ignores the feelings of the women who were raped and the fate of the children that were born. More important, this observation has absolutely no bearing on life as we would like to live it in the modern world.

King made this remark as transiting Neptune was square his natal Venus. Venus typically represents women but it is also associated with love, sex and interpersonal relationships in general. Neptune (in a stressful aspect) obscures. It brings us false assumptions and bad information, and it has a way of placing one’s foot squarely in one’s mouth.

This and other remarks that King has made over the past couple of years have isolated him from many of his Republican colleagues. He has been stripped of committee membership and pushed to the sidelines. So, even though King’s notoriety may be good for his ego, it’s not doing much for his constituents. King’s position as an outlier makes it difficult for him to get things done for the people back home in Iowa.

While the trine to Mars in King’s chart by Pluto is winding down, the Neptune aspect to Venus is just getting started. It will separate in a few weeks and then come back to dominate chart during the last three months of 2020, when King will be running for reelection. He usually wins these elections with 70% of the votes but, with this aspect working against him, King might find out that his district is not as “safe” as he expected.

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