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Following the Moon Aug. 15, 2019MoonImagePurple

In my analysis of the last New Moon (click here to see that article and chart) I promised shocking, Uranian events. We got that in spades. First we had the I.C.E. raid that took child separation to a new level. (I had said that the events might involve the entertainment industry, since the Sun and Moon were in the Fifth House, but the Fifth also rules children.) Then the shootings in Dayton and El Paso. And, finally, the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.

I also predicted that it would be a difficult two weeks for Donald Trump. The I.C.E. raid was bad for the President’s image, but the fact that the El Paso shooter practically quoted Trump in his “manifesto” made it worse. On top of denying that his rhetoric was racist, the President had to go through his usual (Gemini) two-sided commentary on gun control (“Yes, we need background checks, but those folks down at the NRA certainly are nice to me.”). This was followed by a disastrous “Empathy Tour” of the sites where the shootings took place. Then, one of Trump’s good friends and vocal supporters, Anthony Scaramucci, announced that he no longer supports the President’s reelection.

After all this, it’s no wonder that Trump decided to take a vacation. I think we all need one. Fortunately, in the Full Moon chart of Aug. 15 (click here to see the horoscope) the Sun and Moon are in the Twelfth and Sixth Houses. This usually means that the important stuff that happens during the next two weeks will happen either under the radar or behind closed doors. This might not be exactly comforting, but at least we won’t be afraid to look at the news.

The fact that Venus is in a close conjunction with the Sun and opposed to the Moon should bode well for the next two weeks, at least in terms of what is visible to the typical viewer. Maybe we’ll see a hints of a breakthrough in the trade war between China and the US. Maybe Iran will suddenly appear open to constructive talks. Maybe Donald Trump will start tweeting inspirational messages instead of invectives against his real and imagined foes. Venus aspects tend to be more about the beauty of the moment than lasting value, so enjoy what happening now but don’t put your money on it changing things in the long-term.

The real eye-popper if this chart is the fact that Jupiter and Neptune, which have been moving back and forth in a square aspect for most of this year, are sitting on two of the all-important angles of this chart. Jupiter is within a degree of the I.C. and Neptune is just a bit over a degree from the Descendant. Separately, Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Neptune is the planet of spirituality. But together, particularly in a stressful aspect, they are the planets of deception and “fake news.”

I think that the next two weeks will be filled with distractions and false starts. It will be a period when people will be following their emotions and hunches. Expect continued instability in the stock market, with fear driven downs and greed driven ups, and more conspiracy theories emerging out the death of Jeffrey Epstein. We might also see apparent movement on any of the many crisis that the Trump administration has created around the world that quickly falls flat. With this square between Jupiter and Neptune dominating the chart nothing should be taken at face value. If you are encouraged by what you see, you should probably step back and wait for further development. If you’re frightened, then take heart. It’s probably all smoke and mirrors.

The aspect in this chart that might be able to cut through all this Neptunian fog is the square between Mercury and Uranus. I read this as a news item that is designed to rally either the Republican or Democratic base having unforeseen influence. You may have to watch for this one. It might not be the first headline you see. But it’s impact could resonate beyond this lunation period.

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