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The “Mooch” Moves On

Last week I happened to see Anthony Scaramucci on the “Bill Mayer Show” and I was surprised at how his support for his good friend and former employer, Donald Trump, (though briefly) had softened. After all, Scaramucci had written a book labeling Donald Trump as the “Blue-collar President.” Now I read that Scaramucci has declared that he is withdrawing his support for President Trump and begging the Republican party to find a new candidate for 2020. What caused this remarkable transition?

 First of all, Scaramucci is a Capricorn by Sun sign. (Click on Anthony Scaramucci to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) Capricorns tend to be loyal, but they are also practical. They don’t go chasing after lost causes. A Capricorn will follow his or her leader until it makes much more sense to do otherwise. Then they will change directions without remorse of regret. They’re doing what is necessary. What is practical. When a Capricorn heads for his or her bomb shelter it usually time to wish you’d stored more bottle water.

Second of all, Scaramucci is has the Moon in Libra. People with the Moon in Libra are typically reluctant to disrupt their relationship with friends. They’re even more inclined to placate and avoid confrontation than people with the Sun in Libra. This makes the fact that Scaramucci has made public his rift with his former hero, Don J. Trump, even more significant. Libras are not inclined to break off a friendship unless they feel that their personal ideals and values have been irrevocably violated.

Finally, we have the transiting to Scaramucci’s chart. For the past few weeks transiting Saturn has been moving retrograde over Scaramucci’s natal Sun. This is a reckoning aspect. An aspect for figuring out who you really are. During this reckoning period Scaramucci has apparent compared what he stood for, (which is, judging by his rhetoric, basic Republican values such as small government and increased individual freedom) with what his good friend Donald Trump stood for. That comparison has led Scaramucci to the conclusion that Trump was not someone who should be president of the United States.

It is doubtful that the withdrawal of Anthony Scaramucci’s support is going to cause President Trump much concern. His minions have already begun a campaign to belittle the former Press Secretary’s connection to the White House. However, the fact that this guy, who once touted Donald Trump’s promises to help blue-collar workers has moved on does not bode well for Trump in 2020. You don’t have to be an astrologer to figure out that if Scaramucci’s change of heart represents a trend, it could kill this president’s chances for a second term.

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