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Jeffrey Epstein’s SuicideEpsteinJeffImage

I have to admit that I’m kicking myself a bit because I didn’t spot the possibility of suicide in Jeffrey Epstein’s horoscope back in July when I first looked at it. Of course, we have no time of birth for Epstein and I was mainly concerned with the timing of events. Still, the indicators were so obvious that I’m surprised that I missed them. (Click on Jeffrey Epstein to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.)

First of all, we have Saturn square the Sun in the natal chart. This is a classic indicator of the “never enough” syndrome. No matter what the person accomplishes in life, there is a voice inside his or her head saying it’s not enough. This aspect often appears in the charts of people who are extremely ambitious and successful. It also show up in the charts of people who are filled with self-doubt and plagued by depression. And, sometimes, they are the same people.

In the chart done for noon, Epstein’s Sun is in Aquarius. Aquarian have an innate objectivity that often helps them deal with psychological issues like this. However, if Epstein was born shortly after midnight, his Sun would have been placed in Capricorn. No sign is more prone to fall prey to the “never enough” syndrome than Capricorn. It could be said that Capricorn’s are primed at birth for this sort of fallacy.

The other indicator of suicide in this chart is the quincunx between Mercury and Pluto. The early morning time of birth makes this aspect a little wide, but I still think it’s valid. (I typically only allow a one degree orb for quincunx aspects.) When Pluto is working on Mercury a quality of desperation often overtakes our thinking. We think in extreme terms and look for extreme solutions to our problems.

What makes this quincunx even more significant is the fact that transiting Pluto is currently conjunct Epstein’s Mercury. I mentioned this aspect in my previous article. At the time I was thinking more about the pressure (in the form the prison time he was facing) this aspect would be putting on Epstein’s thinking processes. I didn’t foresee the kind of extreme actions that pressure could lead to.

In other instance of suicide I’ve seen stressful aspects like this conjunction are accompanied by “positive” aspects that give the person the impetus to act, or perhaps just the opportunity to carry out their plans. In Epstein’s chart at the time of his suicide, transiting Jupiter was square his natal Mars. Saturn was also sextile his Mars and Venus. The latter aspect would have added to Epstein’s sense of being burdened (by guilt or by circumstance) and shown him a way out. The former would have made it easier for Epstein to do what he did despite the fact that he was under increased scrutiny by jailors.

I’m sure that if we had a complete horoscope for Jeffrey Epstein, it would reveal much more, but I think that the indicators here are quite clear. Though there are suspicions that Epstein was somehow murdered in his cell in solitary confinement, I think that his horoscope indicates that suicide is more likely.

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