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Saturn and the Sibly USA ChartSaturnSymbol

I mentioned the shooting in El Paso to the clerk as I was checking-out at Wal-Mart today. She glanced furtively toward the front door and told me she was scared. Mass murders have become a fixture of American society during the past few years. We’ve seen them in churches, schools and various workplaces. However, this one seems to have people feeling particularly nervous. Perhaps that’s because Wal-Mart is such ubiquitous part of American life (except for the very wealthy) that it lets us know that we are all potential targets.

That got me thinking about Saturn. Right now Saturn is moving into retrograde into a square aspect to Saturn in the Sibly horoscope for the United States. In fact, every horoscope for the US charted for July 4, 1776 would be currently having this transit. When transiting Saturn squares it’s own place in the natal chart of a person, it signals a turning point, a decisive moment in which the decisions that the person makes and the actions he or she undertakes have major, long term consequences.

It also tends to a period during which we are tested is some way or another. If we pass the test, these transits can be quite positive, but if we fail things can quickly go in the other directions. The shootings in El Paso and Dayton might be considered a kind of a test for this country. If so, we probably going to fail it. Congress is in recess and, even if it wasn’t, Mitch McConnell is never going to allow a gun control bill to pass. My guess is that Mitch doesn’t shop at Wal-Mart.

Of course, there are other tests facing the United States of America. One of them is the question of whether or not we should impeach President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice. The chances of that happening seemed rather dim earlier this year but, since the testimony of Robert Mueller last month (lackluster as it was), it seems that more and more Democrats in the House are thinking in that direction. I even heard one report that said that 17 percent of Republicans were in favor of impeachment. Sometimes the decisions we make under a Saturn transit don’t emerge immediately. They grow over a period of weeks and months until the time is right.

The square by transiting Saturn to the Sibly Saturn will be exact in mid-August. It will remain within a degree of being exact for the rest of August, all of September and most October. I think that the evidence that this nation is being tested, and the nature of that test, will become increasingly obvious in the coming weeks. By the time congress returns to work in September, it will be looming large over Washington D.C. Of course, It remains to be seen whether we will pass or fail.

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