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Following the Moon: July 31, 2019

My reading of the Full Moon chart for July 16 (click here to see that article and the chart) was completely off target. I felt that the concentration on the Second and Eighth Houses in that chart would bring us big trouble in the financial markets. However, even though there are continuing signs that the economy is slowing, there was no major upset. In fact, all the big stories of the past two weeks — North Korean missile tests, the heat wave, issues at the Mexican border and the Mueller testimony — seemed to pass without causing more than a tiny ripple in the public consciousness.

My mistake was seeing the placement of Jupiter on the Ascendant in that Full Moon chart as a separate factor from the stressful aspects tied to the Sun and Moon. Instead, guided by optimistic Jupiter, the American people let the worrisome event of the past two weeks pass with what can only be called benign neglect. Who cares if North Korea has restarted it’s nuclear program, or about Iran’s continued belligerence, or further evidence of global warming, or the fact that the Mueller Report reveals multiple instances in which President Trump attempted to obstruct justice? It’ll all be okay in the end. Right?

Fortunately (or perhaps, unfortunately) in the New Moon chart for July 31 (click here to see the horoscope) Jupiter is not in charge. Instead, Saturn and Pluto in the Tenth House dominate, and with these two bad boys leading the way, nothing gets sugar coated. The fact that Pluto is opposed to Mercury could mean that some of this unvarnished truth will come to us through news reports and the media. It could also mean that it will involve the tech sector.

We might think that, with congress is recess for the next six weeks, things will be quiet on the political front, but the placement of these two malefic planets in the Tenth House is a classic indicator of trouble for people in leadership positions. Even with "the Squad" and his other enemies in congress back in their home districts, President Trump shouldn't expect any relief from the criticism he's been receiving.

The Sun and Moon in this chart are in Leo in the Fifth House. This placement might indicate that we will see important developments in the entertainment industry. The conjunction of the Sun and Moon with Venus furthers this idea. However, as was proved by our last Full Moon chart, the events forecast in by a lunation don’t necessarily follow the tradition meanings of the houses involved.

The conjunction with Venus might also be seen as a benevolent influence, but that presumption is countered by the tense square to Venus and the Sun and Moon by disruptive Uranus. Uranus is also strongly placed in this chart (in the First House) and these aspects tell us its explosive influence will be a major factor during the next two weeks. Thankfully, Mars in this chart is somewhat pacified by a trine to Jupiter and a quincunx to Neptune. This indicates that the disruption that Uranus brings us is not likely to involve war. However, pretty much anything else is on the table.

The thing about Uranus aspects is that, even when you see them coming, you don’t see them coming. They always manage to surprise or even shock us in some way. So predicting the kind of events a Uranus aspect will bring is always a challenge. We could see further evidence that North Korea is not honoring their promise to “denuclearize”. Or the inclusion of Venus in the aspect might bring us an event involving women and women’s issues. There could be a surprising death or a shocking scandal. We could also see some sort of amazing scientific breakthrough. The only thing we can be sure of is that this will be an interesting and revealing two weeks.

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