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The Debates: Round 2, Part 2DonkeySymbol

This section of the second round of the Democratic Debate will be starting just a few hours before the New Moon becomes exact and the energy of that New Moon will pervade the proceedings. This should make all of the contenders a little sharper and more alert, but it is also going to exaggerate emotions and exacerbate vulnerabilities. The candidates who best able to focus on their message and not be distracted by this excess emotionality will be the ones who come out winners.

The good news for astrologers is that we have complete horoscopes for six of the ten candidate in part two of this round. They are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Andrew Yang, Julian Castro and Bill de Blasio. For Kirsten Gillibrand, Tulsi Gabbard, Jay Inslee and Michael Bennet I will be using charts do for noon on their date of birth. If you click on the name you can see a previous article on the candidate and his or her horoscope.

Joseph Biden – Biden entered the first debate with a big lead and feeling no pressure. He didn’t do so well. This time Biden will have the Sun conjunct his natal Pluto and transiting Pluto sextile his natal Mercury, so he’s going to feel some pressure, Also, Mars is moving into a square with his natal Mars. This aspect indicates that he will again face direct attacks of other contenders. However, the thing about Scorpios is that they typically perform better when they are pressured and they feel threatened. For this reason, and because the New Moon is taking place in his Ninth House, I look for Biden to hold his own in this round.

Kamala Harris – Harris came out of the first round of debates the big winner. She enters this one with Mercury sliding retrograde away from a sextile to her Jupiter and Mars moving slowly into a conjunction with her natal Mars. Neither aspect is at it’s peak in terms of strength but, combined, they should make Harris a formidable contender. However, she also has Neptune opposed to her natal Venus. She will need to be wary of letting sentiment and personal issues distract her from her message.

Cory Booker – Booker has some good moments in the last debate but his performance did nothing to raise his single-digit placement in the polls. This time Booker is coming into the debate with Uranus conjunct his IC. Booker is at a sensitive point in his life. He is feeling restless and ready for a big change. This could make Booker the wild card in this field, the guy who will say or do whatever it takes to get attention. This could help his campaign, or it could end it.

Andrew Yang – I has predicted that Yang would do alright in the last debate despite the fact that Pluto was conjunct his natal Sun. What happened instead was that the positive aspects I was expecting to give Yang a boost were overwhelmed by the negativity of the Pluto conjunction. This time we have a lineup of planet in Leo, including the New Moon, opposed his Yang’s stellum in Aquarius, plus Uranus square his natal Mercury. These aspects should allow Yang to come across as the forward-thinking, radical Aquarian in the crowd. However, Pluto conjunct his Sun will continue to hold him back.

Julian Castro – Like Cory Booker, Julian Castro had some good moment in the last debate. Also, like Booker, his positive performance did nothing to move his poll numbers. His performance tonight will likely be equally impressive since he will have Mercury directly on his Ascendant when the debate begins and the New Moon will be taking place in his First House. However, Castro’s natal Mercury is balancing positive and negative aspects in the form of a square by transiting Saturn and a sextile from transiting Jupiter. He is going to be feeling confident in what he says but not so confident that saying it well is going to make any difference in his situation.

Tulsi Gabbard – Like Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard is battling a long-term Pluto aspect. In her chart (for which I do not have a time of birth) Pluto is square her Sun, Mars and her natal Pluto. She does have an aspect that should help her in tonight’s debate. Transiting Mercury is square both her natal Mercury and Sun. Even though this is a stressful aspect, it should sharpen her arguments and add a sense of urgency to what she says. Gabbard may have a good night, but it’s not likely going to be enough to overcome all those Pluto aspects.

Kirsten Gillibrand – Gillibrand is another contender who being held back by a long-term aspect. In her case it’s transiting Neptune square her Sun. In the last debate Gillibrand came in a couple of positive aspects but was still unable to make a splash. Unless there’s something going on that I can’t see in this partial horoscope, this time she’s going in with no positive indicators. If this is the case, it is going to be a long night for Kirsten.

Jay Inslee – Jay Inslee has made the environment the center piece for his campaign and with record setting heat waves in the United States and in Europe, his message is particularly well-timed. Transiting Jupiter will be square both Inslee’s natal Sun and his natal Jupiter tonight. He should be able promote his ideas with great enthusiasm and effect. Inslee may not be the winner of the debate but he’s definitely going to turn some heads.

Michael Bennet – At the time of the last debate I felt that the transits impacting Bennet’s chart put him in danger of committing some verbal gaff that might hamstring his campaign. Apparently, that didn’t happen (or if it did, frankly, I don’t remember.) One of those aspects, Uranus quincunx his natal Sun, is still around. However, this time it is accompanied by a trine to his natal Sun and a square to his natal Venus by transiting Venus. I don’t think these aspect will be enough to lift Bennet out of the single-digit mob, but they should make it possible for him to have an enjoyable evening.

Bill de Blasio – Last time I correctly predicted that de Blasio’s aggressive style would get him a lot of attention but also some criticism. This time around de Blasio will be better able to smooth out some of those native New Yorker sharp edges and play nice. In fact, with Neptune sextile his Sun, Jupiter square his natal Venus and the New Moon taking place in his Ninth House, he might even get extra points by being polite, measured and philosophical.


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