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The Debates: Round 2, Part 1

The first round of the Democratic Debates featured some remarkable moments and caused a lot of buzz in the media but it didn’t seem to have much effect on the polls. Kamala Harris’ move up to the double-digit club (where she joined Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) seems to be the only shift. This means that all of the other contenders are going to be trying even harder to get attention.

The second round will start on Tuesday, July 30. This will be the day before the New Moon and a day when the Sun will be square Uranus. All of the candidates should be feeling a surge of New Moon energy and an urge to be original and upset the status quo. Of course, some are going to be better equipped to take advantage of that energy than others.

Unfortunately, we have a complete horoscope for only one of the contenders in this section of Round Two. That is Marianne Williamson. For the other I will be using a partial horoscope done for noon on their date of birth. Click on the name of the candidate to see a previous article and the horoscope.

Bernie Sanders – Sanders has been languishing in second place behind Joe Biden for a long time. Tuesday night might be his chance to make a move. Jupiter will be squaring his natal Sun. This a “swing for the fences” kind of aspect, so expect Bernie to come out strong. At the moment the long term square to his Venus and Mars by transiting Pluto is weakening, and this should help him gain traction, at least for a while. (The aspect comes back later this year.)

Elizabeth Warren – Not having a time of birth is a real problem in this case. Depending on what time she was born, Warren’s Moon could be square Mars or trine Saturn. The first aspect would bring forth a lot of aggressive energy. The second would describe a more cautious, thoughtful approach. It is also possible that her Moon is not going to be in close aspect with either, which would probably mean that Warren will not be able to present herself as strongly as she would like.

Pete Buttigieg – Buttigieg as dropped from being everyone’s favorite long shot to a real-life mayor struggling with real-life issues, like race. His problems with the black community in South Bend has created big problems with black voters everywhere. He has an excellent aspect coming into the debate. Jupiter is currently sextile his Mars. This should allow him to mend some fences. However, the slow movement of retrograde Saturn toward a square to his Mars tells me that these problems are not going away soon.

Beto O’Rourke – Last time, I said that O’Rourke’s Libra personality was not well-suited for this demolition derby style of debate. This time he enters this debate with some positive aspects. Venus will be sextile his Sun and trine his Neptune. This will kick his Libra charm up a couple of notches. However, that may not be as helpful to him as the approaching conjunction of Mars to his natal Venus. If O’Rourke is able to tap into that energy he might add more energy and fight to his Libran adorableness.

Amy Klobuchar – No candidate for whom I do not have a time of birth has more going on Tuesday night than Amy Klobuchar. Jupiter will be opposed to her Mercury, Venus will be sextile her Sun and Mars is conjunct her Uranus and quincunx her natal Saturn. The combination of all these aspects should allow Klobuchar to assert herself strongly without appearing overly contentious. Though several of these lower tier candidates have positive aspects on Tuesday, I expect that it will be Klobuchar who will draw the most attention.

John Hickenlooper – Hickenlooper is another candidate who comes into the debate with a strong aspect. Transiting Uranus is currently opposed to his natal Mars. This is an aspect for action, usually sudden, dramatic action. Unfortunately, Uranus is a fickle friend. The planet can sometimes lead us into fortuitous circumstances in which we feel totally free to be ourselves, and sometimes it can lead us off a cliff. Hickenlooper may be another single-digit candidate who will make noise on Tuesday night, but it might not be the right kind of noise.

Tim Ryan – Tim Ryan comes into the debate with Mercury conjunct his Sun, so he is definitely going to be able to speak with authority and express his ideas clearly. He also has Mars conjunct his Venus (like Beto O’Rourke). This should help him exhibit the kind of aggressiveness this format demands. These are all positive indicators but, compared the Uranian fireworks possible with Klobuchar and Hickenlooper, they seem a little weak. Of course, in all these cases I’m working with a partial horoscope.

John Delaney – The timing of this debate is not good for Delaney, at least according to the partial horoscope I’m using. The only close aspect he has to a personal planet is square by Mercury, moving retrograde, to his natal Sun, and even this aspect is at an orb of two degrees and (currently) separating. Unless Delaney has an ace hidden somewhere in his complete horoscope, I expect it will be a lackluster night for him.

Marianne Williamson – In the last debate Marianne Williamson came in with a lot of strong aspects. I predicted that her message would be loud and clear. And it was. She proposed that we overcome Donald Trump’s reliance on hate with love. Unfortunately, with exception of a few comedians, no one paid much attention. This time Williamson will have Saturn opposed to her Sun. She is at a pivotable point in her life. Expect her to be even more insistent on delivering her message and more frustrated and enraged at the way it is being ignored.

Steve Bullock – Bullock did not make the cut last time, so this is his first at bat. Transiting Mercury will be square his Mars on Tuesday, so expect him to swing a little too hard. However, Mercury is also going to be trine his natal Mercury and Saturn. Even though Bullock may come across as too aggressive, I expect that he will be able to make a few points that help his candidacy.

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