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Bob Mueller’ Big EncoreMuellerImage

Back in Feb. I stated that, because of aspects in his chart, Robert Mueller’s report would either be released in April 2019 or much later this year. Of course, it was released on April. 18. This was good timing for the President.  Transiting Jupiter was opposed to his Sun and conjunct his Moon, giving him a boost of good fortune. The Mueller Report did not directly link President Trump with any crimes and he was able to say he was “exonerated.” However, a more careful reading of the report seemed to make that claim, at best, premature.

It would seem that Mueller was hoping that he could drop his report off at the Justice Dept. and forget about it. That’s not been the case. He’s already had to make one public statement on the report and now he’s going to be asked to clarify  parts of it to Congress. Some people are betting that his testimony will finally force open the floodgates of Democratic will and jumpstart impeachment proceedings. Others assure us that Mueller’s testimony will be every bit as cryptic and non-committal as was his report.

I assume that Mueller is not pleased to called to testify before congress. Leo’s don’t like repeating themselves. But the fact is that on Wednesday, the partial horoscope we have for Mueller (click on Robert Mueller to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth) is lighting up like a Christmas tree.

Jupiter is moving retrograde into an almost exact trine with Mueller’s natal Sun. He’s definitely going to be the star of the show and this aspect indicates that he’s  going to be enjoying it much more than he might like to admit. This aspect could make Mueller more forthcoming about certain issues than he has been so far, but there are other aspects that indicate the opposite.

Transiting Saturn will be in a close trine aspect to Mueller’s natal Mars. This tells me that he is coming into this hearing with a determination to show everyone that he did the job he was appointed to do to the best of his ability. With this aspect, anyone hoping to intimidate Mr. Mueller in these hearings or push him into saying something he doesn’t want to say, is going to be greatly disappointed.

Meanwhile, Mars is will be conjunct Mueller’s natal Sun (and trine transiting Jupiter.) There’s no doubt that he’s going to be catching some heat from Republican representatives but, with Mars conjunct his Sun, he will likely give as good as he gets in these exchanges. This is further evidence that no one, from either side, is going to be able to push Bob Mueller around on Wed.

Another interesting aspect is the opposition of transiting Neptune to Mueller’s natal Mars. This aspect is still a couple of degrees away from being exact, but it will dominate the latter half of this year for Mueller. My thinking is that whatever he says in these hearings, it is not going to close the book on Mueller’s report. He’s going to get blowback from this testimony for as long as Neptune is opposite his Mars, which will be until Jan. 2020.

The most interesting aspect, however, involves the North Node of the Moon in Mueller’s chart. Both transiting Mercury and Venus will be directly on that degree on Wednesday and shortly before noon, the transiting Moon will be square Mueller’s Nodes. The Nodes are often connected with fate, reincarnation and karma. This would indicate that what will be in play in these hearing will be much more than Mueller’s duties as Special Prosecutor. What Robert Mueller says on Wednesday will have important implications both for his own karma and perhaps the fate of the United States.

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