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Following the Moon: July 16, 2019MoonImagePurple

In my analysis of the New Moon (and eclipse) chart for July 2 (click here to see the article and the chart) I had predicted that there would be some sort of sensational revelation in the news. I also thought that the situation on the Mexican border would be getting more attention. We got both, with the Epstein affair blowing up the internet and reports from a congressional delegation decrying the conditions in which immigrant are being housed. Even Mike Pence was forced to hold his nose when he toured a facility.

Fortunately, the wide aspect between Mars and Uranus in that chart did not produce a worsening of the situation between the U.S. and Iran, though the announcement that Iran was upping the game in its nuclear program was certainly not helpful. Also, my hope that, with the eclipse taking place in the Ninth House of philosophy, we would have a thoughtful review of the great principles on which this country was founded, proved to be dead wrong. Instead we ended the lunation period with the President tweeting what many regard as racist insults at congresswomen.

The Full Moon chart for July 16 is a study in contrasts. (Click here to see the chart.) We have Jupiter, strongly placed in Sagittarius, just a few degrees below the Ascendant and in an exact quincunx with Venus. This should foretell something very positive, something that would make the whole nation feel good. However, Jupiter is square Neptune, which is trine Venus, so that good feeling may not be based as much on facts as supposition, expectation and, perhaps, deception.

We generally consider Jupiter a benefic influence, but It is also the planet of over-indulgence and over-confidence, big talk and bluster. We are apt to see some of that bluster in the coming weeks and it might make us feel good. However, given the tenuous situation in the Middle East and elsewhere, I think I would rather see careful Saturn at the helm of this chart than boisterous Jupiter.

Jupiter in this chart has me a little nervous, but the really scary stuff is in the Second and Eighth Houses. This is where the opposition of the Sun and Moon is taking place. Pluto is involved in this aspect, being conjunct the Moon and opposed to the Sun. Also, we have Saturn in the Second in and exact opposition to Venus in the Eighth. To make it even more interesting, these two planets are aligned with the Nodes of the Moon.

The Second and Eighth House are both connected with financial matters (The Second is your money, the Eighth other people’s money.) In mundane astrology (the astrology of current events) Venus is also associated with material wealth. Pluto represents natural resources, particular resources coming for below the surface. Putting this altogether, it does seem to describe problems involving finance, markets and/or commodities.

As icing on this disturbing cake we once again have Mars square Uranus in this chart. The aspect is closer than it was in the New Moon chart and Mars is in the Eighth House. This is an aspect of disruption and, as I mentioned before,the possiblility of violence. The placement of Mars indicates that this violence or aggressive behavior will be tied in with the financial issues represented by the Eighth.

I don’t know enough about the markets to make a concrete prediction about all of this stuff but, at the very least, this chart promises that we are entering a very interesting two week period. And I didn’t even mention the testimony of Bob Mueller, now set for July 24. The dog days of summer may turn out to be hot in more ways than one.

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