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The Tangled Web of Jeffrey Epstein

In my analysis of the July 2 New Moon I noted that aspects between Mercury and Uranus involving the Ninth House of publications could bring us shocking news stories that would “upset the status quo.” I have to admit that when I wrote that I wondered what kind of story that could be. Afterall, since 2016 we have been fed a constant diet of scandals involving Donald Trump and his administration. After two and a half years of that, what could shock us?

And then along came Jeffrey Epstein. What makes Jeffrey Epstein’s story so attention-grabbing, aside for the general sleaze and pedophilia, is that it is nonpartisan. Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton were known to pal around with him. Moreover, Britain’s Prince Philip and attorney Alan Dershowitz have both had their names crop up in lawsuits connected with Epstein’s first arrest in 2006, and there are hints that other famous names could emerge as the new investigation continues.

Let’s look at the history. In 2006, after an 11 month investigation, Epstein was charged with luring underage girls to his Palm Springs mansion and having sex with them. He was also accused of “giving” these young women to powerful men at parties and other occasions in his mansion in Palm Springs. Epstein did this, it was alleged, both to gain favor with these men and to blackmail them later on.

This case ended with a plea deal being struck between Epstein’s lawyer and U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta. Out of a 56 page indictment, Epstein was convicted of one count of soliciting prostitution. The rest of the indictment was sealed. Epstein serve 18 months in jail, but a work release program allowed his to go to his office each day and fly around the country on his private jet. Meanwhile, Acosta continued to rise through the ranks of the Bush administration and, in 2017, he was appointed Secretary of Labor by Donald Trump.

On July 6 of this year Epstein was arrested once again for pretty much doing the same stuff in his mansion in New York City. I thought it would be interesting to compare what was happening in Epstein’s horoscope when he was charged the first time to what is happen in his chart right now. (Click on Jeffrey Epstein to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.)

The investigation into Epstein’s activity in Florida began in mid-March 2005. At that time Saturn was approaching a square to his natal Saturn (a Saturn Cycle aspect). As I often say, Saturn cycle aspects bring us rewards for our good behavior and a reckoning on our bad behavior. This investigation went on for 11 months. (The Saturn aspect completed somewhere in the middle of this period.) Investigators accumulated physical evidence from Epstein’s home and the testimony of over 30 girls.

Though the plea agreement with Acosta was finalized in June 2008, according to the Miami Herald the deal had been made in Oct. 2007. This is interesting because at that time transiting Uranus was conjunct Epstein’s Mars and Venus in Pisces. Uranus is always a wild card. What it brings us can be surprisingly good or startlingly bad. In this case, Epstein seems have gotten the good side of Uranus.

That was then. Let’s look at now. At the present time, and for the rest of 2019, Pluto is conjunct to Mercury in Epstein’s horoscope. That aspect is the very definition of “bad news”. It describes dealing with powers beyond your control. At the same time, Neptune is moving retrograde and approaching a conjunction with Epstein’s Mars and Venus. In other words, it will mimic what Uranus was doing in Epstein’s horoscope in 2007. That aspect will be within a degree this fall.

The general consensus is that Epstein got off easy when Uranus passed over his Mars and Venus. I don’t think that Neptune is going to be nearly so kind. The reason I say this is because in Feb, Aug. and Nov. 2020 Saturn will once again be square Epstein’s natal Saturn. As it did in 2005, Saturn will be uncovering this man’s evil doings, and this time he can’t count of a quirky Uranus aspect to bail him out.

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