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Astrology at Work: The Day George Lucas Nearly DiedLucasGImage

The 18 year-old George Lucas was not much a science-fiction fan. He wasn’t even a fan of movies. His primary interest at that age was cars and speed. His prize possession was a tiny, European sports car that he had bought with money he earned doing odd jobs while in high school, and his dream was to become a race car driver. All that changed on June 12, 1962 when Lucas was t-boned in his roadster by a much larger vehicle.

The impact was such that it tore Lucas out of his seatbelt and threw him out of the car, which was tumbling down the street like a kicked can. Bystanders who witnessed the accident assumed that the unconscious young man was dead on the scene but paramedics thought otherwise and they rushed Lucas to a local hospital. Lucas spend the next two weeks there hovering between life and death.

Looking at Lucas’s horoscope it is easy to see where he got his need for speed. (Click on George Lucas to see the chart.) Mars is placed very near the IC, giving that planet special prominence. Speed is just one of the things we associate with Mars. A more common association is the military or sports. However, Lucas is a Taurus by Sun sign with Taurus Rising and the Sun in the First House. He was not interested in the tough discipline and hard work that joining the military or seriously pursuing athletics would have entailed. Instead, he was attracted to the sensual pleasure of going very fast.

Lucas’ horoscope is dominated by a T-square involving the Moon opposed to Pluto with both squaring his Mercury and Venus in the Twelfth House. The Twelfth House is a mysterious place. It is a place where we are often forced by failure or misfortune to look inward and reevaluate our lives. The fact that Pluto is featured in the configuration makes it even more ominous and introduces the possibility of an extreme, transformative event.

June 12, 1962 was a bad day for everyone. On that day the planets in the sky were also forming a T-square. Mars was almost exactly opposite Neptune and both were within a degree of squaring Saturn. It was not a good day for anyone to be out driving or doing much of anything. Mars afflicted by Neptune describes confused actions. Mars afflicted by Saturn implies ill-advised actions that carry serious consequences.

If June 12 was a bad for everyone, it was particularly bad for George Lucas. Mars, at eleven degrees of Taurus was exactly conjunct his Venus. Saturn at eleven degrees of Aquarius was exactly on his Moon. Neptune, at eleven degrees of Scorpio as exactly opposite Lucas’ Venus and square his Moon. The T-square that was dominating the sky on that day was perfectly aligned the one in Lucas’s natal chart.

To make matters worse, the South Node of the Moon was also conjunct Lucas natal Moon. I looked at a lot of death charts and connections between the natal planets and the transiting Nodes of the Moon are common. Usually, the Node aspects are combined with other, serious affliction, much as we see in this chart.

But Lucas didn’t die. I could point to astrological factors that helped save him but I prefer to see this event in the context of the Twelfth House. This traumatic event forced Lucas of reevaluate his career options. Speed was no longer his primary aim. This created a gap in his life the movie-making soon filled. To some, Lucas’s huge contributions to pop culture might not seem worthy of a resurrection but, like I said, the Twelfth House is a mysterious place and sometimes it’s better to just take what it gives you and not ask a whole lot of questions.

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