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Following the Moon: July 2, 2019

The chart for the Full Moon on June 17 (click here to see that article and the chart) showed a pronounced tendency toward conflict, but there were also positive aspects that seemed to “drain away” at least some of the that hostility. Shortly after the Full Moon, right on cue, Iran shot down one of our drones and the U.S started preparing air strikes in response. At the last moment, President Trump, pulled the plug on the mission and some of that warlike tension was “drained away.”

The other big event of this lunation period was the Democratic debates. The debates provided some drama and some winners (Julian Castro and Kamala Harris) and losers (Beto O’Rourke and Joe Biden) but the disagreements between the candidates were incremental, so the battle of ideas that should be at the core of any real debate never happened. It was “drained away” in the search for sound bites.

Another important feature of the June 17 chart was the placement of Venus near the Ascendant. I read this as referring to women but, instead, it seems to have been about peace. Trump attempted to mend fences with the Chinese at the G20 Summit and then met with Kim Jong Un in the Demilitarized Zone between North and South  Korea. I had said that, since Venus was unaspected, the attention given Venusian matters would be mostly for show. So far, these gestures seem to fit into that category.

I had expected the New Moon and eclipse chart for July 2 (click here to see the chart) to be relatively quiet but it is anything but. Uranus, the planet of disruption, revolution and assorted mischief is on the Descendant of this chart (when set for Washington D.C.) The fact that Uranus is squared by Mars is a bit worrisome. This is the sort of configuration that could lead to a rash act of violence. Given the situation in the Mideast, such an act could be devastating. However, the aspect is wide (5 degrees) and, hopefully, this will lessen its influence in upcoming events.

Uranus is also square Mercury which is in the Ninth House along with the Sun and Moon. Since the Ninth is associated with publications and Mercury with communication, there could be reports coming out in newspapers or other types of broadcast news that shock the nation and shake up the status quo. Also, the Ninth House deals with long journeys and ethical issues, so the news might concern immigration and the crisis on our southern border.

It is interesting that the Ninth House is strongly featured in this chart. The Ninth the place where we entertain the big ideas. It rules both religion and philosophy. Since the eclipse falls in that sector perhaps the Uranian shock will be that people stop fixating on the minutian of current events and day-to-day political wrangling and seriously consider the philosophical groundwork on which this country was built. There are some ideas there that have definitely been forgotten and some others that could stand serious reevaluation.


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