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The Debates: Round One, Part TwoDonkeySymbol

My predictions on the last night’s debate were mostly on target. I had predicted that Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar would shine and they did. I felt that Beto O’Rourke lacked to aggressiveness to do well in this format and that Bill de Blasio was likely to appear too aggressive. Both those predictions turned out to be on the money. On the other hand, Elizabeth Warren did a little better than I thought she would.

Of course, the big surprise was Julian Castro, who is considered by some pundits to be the one guy who broke out to the pack in this debate. He is in the midst of a major Saturn Cycle aspect, and these aspects often give us a chance to show our mettle. That’s apparently what was going on last night. However, the Pluto aspect I mentioned is a long term affair and it is going to be drag on his ability to take advantage of  last night’s performance.

Now let’s look at tonight’s contenders. Click on the name to see what I wrote about this candidate in my “Contenders” series.

Bernie Sanders (no time of birth) – In my previous article about Sanders I pointed out that he would be dealing with a difficult transit by Neptune to his natal Sun. That aspect is currently out of orb. (The aspect will return in November 2019.) However, Pluto is still square both his Mars and his Venus. Despite, these very serious astrological impediments, Sanders is still holding on second place in the polls. His problem is that many of his ideas that seemed so fresh and radical in 2016 have become standard talking points for many of the other candidate. He’ going to have to compete with a bunch of younger people who are saying pretty much what he’s saying only without the frizzy grey hair.

Kamala Harris (complete horoscope) – Like Cory Booker in the last group, this second debate seems to have been planned with Kamala Harris’ horoscope in mind. On Thursday night Venus will be conjunct her Ascendant and transiting Mercury will be sextile her natal Mercury. She is going to be able to present herself in a positive and nonthreatening way and her communication skills will be highlighted. However, there are some problems. Jupiter is square her Venus which might make it difficult for her to display the kind of aggression that this demolition derby format requires, and there are some nasty quincunx aspects involving Mars, Saturn and Pluto impacting her chart tonight. Quincunx aspects bring us the unexpected so Harris may have to deal with criticism coming from a direction that she did not anticipate.

Joe Biden (complete horoscope) – In my “Contenders” article on Biden I said that he would be inhibited by transiting Neptune crossing his IC in 2020. This aspect doesn’t complete in 2019 but right now it is as close as it is going to get, a little over one degree. Biden has certainly been feeling it, with questions being raised about decisions he’s made in the past and about his sensitivity to issues in the present. Tonight Mars will be trine Biden’s Sun and Venus, so I expect him to come out strong and meet his critics head on. However, the Neptunian disconnect that has been haunting him during past few weeks is still going to be a problem. The questions will linger. They may recede during the remaining months of 2019 but they will come back with a vengeance in early 2020.

Pete Buttigieg (no time of birth) – As I predicted, Buttigieg has become more than “that gay guy running for president.” His intelligence and confidence have put him at the head of the pack of younger candidates. However, he has recently hit a rough patch because of racial unrest back home in South Bend. Pluto has begun a long square aspect to his natal Saturn and, over the past two weeks, Mars has squared his natal Pluto and his natal Saturn. It is currently opposed to his natal Sun. These issues are likely to enter the conversation during the debates, but I don’t think they are going to put much of a crimp in Buttigieg’s performance. The transiting Sun is nearing a trine to his natal Jupiter tonight, so he will be at the top of his game.

Michael Bennet – Bennet is one of several candidates in this field who tend to get merged in the public perception into one middle-aged white guy. His primary mission during this debate will be to distinguish himself in some way. The good news is that the aspects impacting his chart tonight indicate that he could do that. The bad news is that it might not be in a positive way. Transiting Mars is quincunx Bennet’s Mercury and transiting Uranus is quincunx his Sun. As I said, quincunx aspects bring us the unexpected. With Uranus quincunx the Sun, the tendency will be to go off on wild tangents that lead nowhere, while Mars quincunx Mercury could lead to impulsive statements that mean nothing. Bennet needs to be very careful tonight, or he could become this debate’s version of Rick Perry in last year’s Republican debate.

Marianne Williamson (complete horoscope) – Williamson enters this debate at a dangerous time. Transiting Uranus is opposed to her natal Mars, an aspect that can indicate accidents or sudden changes in direction. In my “Contenders” article I wondered if her candidacy would survive this aspect. Tonight, however, any influence that comes from the dramatic aspect should be positive. The transiting Sun is trine Williamson’s natal Sun and her Mercury receives positive aspects from Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter. Williamson’s message is different from that of the other candidates, more spiritual than political, and these aspects indicate that she is going to be able to deliver that message in a clear and forceful way.

Eric Swalwell (no time of birth) – Swalwell faces the same problem as Michael Bennet. He needs to find some way the stand-out in this crowded field. Swalwell might have a shot at doing this tonight since transiting Uranus is currently opposed to his natal Mercury. What he says tonight is likely to sound original and represent a challenge to the status quo. Swalwell is already at the progressive end of the Democratic spectrum. With Uranus pressuring his Mercury, he’s going to be pushing that progressive envelope. However, there’s is also a chance that he will push too hard. The other aspect impacting Swalwell’s chart is the square to his Venus and Pluto by transiting Pluto. One thing that could be associated with this aspect is profound unpopularity, the kind of unpopularity that comes from saying the wrong thing and the wrong time.

Kristen Gillibrand (no time of birth) – When I wrote about Gillibrand in my “Contenders” series I emphasized the problems she was going to face dealing with Neptune square her natal Sun. Neptune dissolves the boundaries that are necessary for us to present our ego in a coherent and dynamic way. That aspect is going to bother Gillibrand tonight and for the rest of 2019. However, Gillibrand gets some help in this debate from Saturn, which makes a weak but positive aspect to her Sun. This should help her solidify her image and her stand on the issues. Also, Jupiter in conjunct Gillibrand’s Sun right now. Her confidence will be high and which should enable her to display to the world all her Sagittarian energy and enthusiasm.

Andrew Yang (complete horoscope) – Andrew Yang speaks to us from the future. As technology takes over more and more jobs that used to be done by humans, it going to be harder and harder for people to make a living through employment. Yang’s answer to this growing crisis is a guaranteed minimum income provided by the government. It’s the kind of radical idea you might expect from a guy with the Moon conjunct Mercury in Aquarius and Uranus on the Midheaven, but can Yang sell it to the Democratic electorate? With transiting Pluto opposing his natal Sun, I don’t think so. There are aspects that indicate that Yang is going to make a strong showing in this debate but it is also likely that his ideas are going to face serious criticism.

John Hickenlooper (no time of birth) – As the former governor of Colorado, Hickenlooper brings experience and a solid liberal record into the debates, except on one issue. He supports the oil and gas industries and see no problems with fracking. It is likely that some of the other candidates are going to be attacking him because of this stance. In this debate, at least, Hickenlooper should be able to deal with these criticisms in an effective manner. The Sun will be trine Mars in his horoscope and his natal Sun receives positive aspects from Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Hickenlooper will be able to meet aggression with aggression and present himself with confidence and composure.

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