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Following the Moon: June 17, 2019MoonImagePurple

In my reading of the New Moon of June 3 (click here to see the article and the chart) I had predicted that, since Jupiter was in the Seventh House of that chart, it was a good time to advance our relationship with other countries. The big news of the past two weeks was the completion of a trade deal with Mexico. That seems to be right on target.

I  also wrote that it would be a lunar period full of “almosts.” That treaty was predicated on a promise from Mexico to stop the flow of immigrants from Central America to the U.S. border. However, the deal does nothing to address the real cause of that flow, which is the general lawlessness of some of those countries. Since Mexico has trouble enforceing the law in some parts of it’s territory, this promise could eventual come under the heading of an “almost.”

I had thought the semi-sextile between Mars and the Sun and Moon would bring us more tension in the stock market. Instead, we had the attack on merchant vessels in the Persian Gulf. The U.S. seems to have evidence that the attack was carried out by Iranians and it is currently trying to convince other countries to take action against Iran. However, thus far that is another “almost.”

The chart for the Full Moon on June 17 (click here to see the chart) promises more direct action. First of all the Sun and Moon are in the First and Seventh Houses with indicates that what happens will be clearly seen by the public. The fact that Venus is close to the Ascendant typically denotes women’s issues, but Venus is unaspected, so the attention given these matters may be more about appearances than substance.

The most worrisome configuration in this chart is the opposition of Mars and Mercury to both Saturn and Pluto. In fact, Mercury is very close to opposing the midpoint of the Saturn and Pluto. It’s hard to look at this aspect and not think “war,” and considering the tensions in the Middle East right now, that is certainly a possibility.

However, there is some good news, and it involves the aspects I wrote about in my second “Summer Aspects” article.  Neptune forms a sextile to Saturn and a trine to Mercury and Mars. At the same time, Jupiter makes a semi-sextile aspect to Saturn. These “good” aspect should “drain away” some of the aggressive energy symbolized by Mars oppose Saturn and Pluto. It may be that the proof of Iranian involvement in the attack offered by the U.S. will be questioned by other countries, or that those countries will simply refuse to join the U.S. is taking action against Iran.

Of course, this configuration could take us in an entirely different direction. Mars in this chart is close to the cusp of the Third House of communication and Pluto is on the cusp of the Ninth. (In the Placidus House system Mars is in the Third and Pluto is in the Ninth.) This and the fact that Mercury in involved points to the possibility of a cyber attack that would impact the nations communication system. Again, Jupiter and Neptune would help counter the damage caused by such an attack.

Also, in this chart we a have the square between Jupiter and Neptune accented, with Jupiter in the Tenth House of authority and Jupiter in the Seventh. I think this describes the ongoing tussle between congress and the Trump administration. I think we’re going to see more conflict between Jupiter’s insistence on the rule of law and Neptune’s knack for obscuring the facts during the next two weeks. The final resolution of this matter is still down the road