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Summertime Aspect Part Twosummer image

We are currently in the middle of a rather odd aspect pattern. Three planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are hanging around at 20 degrees of their respective signs with Pluto nearby at 23 degrees. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that  the Nodes of the Moon are also at 20 degrees. I’ve been wondering about this pattern for a while now. I finally decided to look at it in relation to the Mueller Report. That’s when it began to make sense to me.

It was on March 11 that Robert Mueller turned his report over to the Justice Dept. A few days later Attorney General, William Barr released a summary of the report that seemed to exonerate President Trump from any wrongdoing. At that time Jupiter had just move into a semi-sextile aspect with Pluto at 23 degrees of Capricorn. The semi-sextile is not a strong aspect but it does describe glad tidings for people in power.

Almost a month later, on Apr. 18, a redacted version of the report was released to congress and it became apparent, at least to people who were not firmly in the Trump camp, that Barr’s summary had been misleading. There was testimony from several witness that described incidents in which the President attempted to obstruct justice. At this time Saturn was joining  the South Node of the Moon at 20 degrees of Capricorn.

I’ve never seen the Nodes of the Moon used much in mundane astrology (the astrology of historical and current events) but in natal astrology the nodes are typically linked to reincarnation and karma. How this applies to politics is an open question, but with this conjunction of Saturn and the South Node talk of impeachment, which had been in the air for some time, began to grow legs.

Soon after Saturn aligned with the South Node the planet turned retrograde. The motion of the nodes are always moving retrograde so Saturn and the South Node have been strolling hand-in-hand through Capricorn for the past seven weeks. Meanwhile, despite the reluctance of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, support for impeachment of the President has been growing among Democrats in the House and elsewhere.

A couple of days ago, Jupiter, which had moved past its semi-sextile to Pluto, moved into the same aspect with Saturn. Again, this is not a powerful aspect but it does link the two planets that have to do with the law. This aspect will continue be in force until the first week of July. Likewise, the conjunction of Saturn and the South Node will be within and degree until the end of June.

Speaking of Saturn and the South Node, they are currently moving into a sextile aspect with Neptune. Jupiter, along with being semi-sextile Saturn (and the South Node) will be square Neptune. The insertion of Neptune into the mix seems to raise more questions than it answers. You never know what you’re going to get with Neptune, its spiritual, compassionate side or its vague and deceptive side. In this case, I’m betting on the latter.

These Neptune aspects will continue for another three weeks. This probably means that a clear answer on the impeachment issue is going have to wait. However, with both planets that deal with law hitting it, Neptune might be inclined to let us see some of the truths that have been hiding behind the clouds. In any case, as I said in my last article with this title, it’s going to be an interesting summer.