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Following the Moon June 3, 2019

In my assessment of the Full Moon chart for May 18 (click here to see the article and the chart) I expected that economic issues would dominate the news. However, it was really a much more mixed bag. The administration was able to mollify the impact of the tariffs on China by delaying an increase on tech products and giving government aid to farmers. Of course, now Trump is talking about imposing tariffs on Mexico.

However, the fundamental shift I expected from this chart came when America’s favorite sphinx, Bob Mueller, spoke to the public for the first time. Mostly, he seemed intent on telling people that everything he wanted to say was in his report, but he did make clear that what he found in his investigation in no way exonerates President Trump from wrong-doing. This contradicts the “case closed” narrative that the administration and Republicans is congress have been advancing, but it remains to be seen if anyone was paying attention.

What I didn’t mention was the possibility of a violent incident like the one that occurred in Virginia Beach last week. I could say that Pluto on the IC of that chart indicated that such an event was possible but, if you really start keeping count, we have shootings like this every week. It’s just the most of them don’t have enough of a body count to get the attention of the media. That bar seems to be continually moving up.

The New Moon chart for June 3 is a horoscope of “almosts.” (Click here to see the chart.) The Sun and Moon are close to the Ascendant but are not they close enough to take them out of the Twelfth House? They are aspected by Mars, but is the aspect strong enough to matter? Jupiter is almost conjunct the Descendant, but is the aspect close enough to make a difference?

I think the next two weeks will follow this “almost” pattern. There will be secrets and behind-the-scenes dealings that are almost revealed, but not completely. There will be important legislation or some other great benefit to the country that will almost become a reality and then fade away.

However, with Jupiter in the Seventh House, this will be a good time to advance our relationships with other countries. Maybe there will be progress in our dealings with China or Trump will announce another summit with Kim Jong Un.

The semi-sextile between Mars and the Sun, Moon conjunction is a little worrisome. With Mars in the Second House of finance and Pluto and Saturn in the Eighth House of investment, I expect that tensions in the stock market and in the economy in general will persist, the semi-sextile aspect is not an indicator of dramatic action.

Overall, unless one of those “almosts” surprises me, I think the time between this New Moon and the next Full Moon (on June 17) will be relatively peaceful.

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