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It’s going to be an interesting summer. For the past few weeks transiting Jupiter has been opposed to Mars in the Sibly chart for the United States (done for July 4, 1776.) This has coincided with heightened tension between the US and Iran. The US is sending ships and troops to the region and our President is promised an “end” to Iran if they don’t behave.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and when you expand Mars you get conflict. The good news is that Jupiter is currently moving retrograde past that opposition aspect. I think that this will signal a lessening of war talk and a return to the regular level of tension in that region, which is still considerable. Jupiter will oppose the Sibly Mars again in late Oct. but this will be a quick passage and, hopefully, will go by without incident.

Along with Jupiter, Saturn will also be moving retrograde this summer. It’s going to go all the way back to where it was at the beginning of the year and, in September, repeat it’s square to the Sibly Saturn. Transiting Saturn will stop it’s retrograde motion just a few minutes of the arc away from also repeating its opposition to the Sibly Sun.

What happened during the Saturn’s first pass through these aspects in January 2019 was the swearing in of a new congress with a democratic majority in the House of Representatives. Also, during this period, the government shutdown was ended and President Trump used emergency powers to get funding for his border wall.

If you look at previous periods in US history when transiting Saturn aspected Saturn and the Sun in the Sibly chart what you find is a pattern of challenge and response. The country faced some sort of major challenge and, in response, there was a shifting in the political landscape.

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, it’s clear that he represents a challenge to the status quo in this country. The democrats elected to congress were a response to that challenge. At the same time, Trump’s inability to get congress to fund his border wall was a challenge. He answered it by taking the extraordinary step of declaring a state of emergency.

I think that we are going to see this same challenge-response theme playing out during the summer months, particularly August and September. There may be more fights between the Republicans and Democrats over budgeting, more investigations of the President by congress, more chaos on our southern border and, possbly, an economic crisis. There is no shortage of challenges facing the US right now. What remains to be seen are the responses.

At the same time that transiting Jupiter will be moving away from Mars in the Sibly chart, it will also be leaving its opposition to the Sun in Donald Trump’s chart and its conjunction to his Moon. This was an unusually long Jupiter transit, covering all of April and May. During that period the Mueller Report came out and Trump felt exonerated. (Other people were not so sure, but as far as the president was concerned it was a victory.) Also, the economic news remained positive and he got a whole twenty miles of his border wall built.

The passing of this aspect means that Trump can no longer count on that kind of good fortune. Remember when he, with the cameras rolling, took responsibility for the government shutdown? Remember the Cohen testimony before congress? That’s the kind of embarrassments and missteps Trump faced before Jupiter began this transit. Look for more of this in the coming months.


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