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Theresa May Resigns

The announcement that Theresa May was stepping down as the leader of the Conservative Party in Britain probably didn’t surprise even of us “yanks” who pay scant attention to politics in the United Kingdom. She had been struggling to make a deal on the Brexit issue that would please her party, and it seems that now they have given up on her.

May is a Libra by Sun sign. (Click on Therese May to see a partial horoscope done for noon on her date of birth.) The Conservatives will be looking for a new leader who they hope will have better luck building a consensus on the Brexit issue, however if a Libra couldn’t persuade members of Parliament to compromise, it might just be an impossible task.

The most dramatic feature of this partial horoscope isn’t May’s Libra Sun. It is the placement of Saturn, Neptune, Mercury and Pluto, all at 28 or 29 degrees of the respective signs, all exchanging aspects, the strongest being Saturn’s square to Pluto. This last aspect, which places two of the most restrictive planets in ever-lasting conflict, certainly marks May as a conservative’s conservative.

Another interesting feature in this chart is the conjunction of May’s Saturn with the North Node of the Moon. Evolutionary astrologer could probably write a book on just this aspect. What I know about it is that when you look a list of people will this conjunction you see a lot of hardship and futility. For example, both George McGovern, who ran for president in 1972 promising to end the war in Vietnam and was soundly defeated, and Ralph Nader, who has spent his life trying and failing to get big money out of politics, have this conjunction in their charts.

Since we don’t have a time of birth for Theresa May there are likely things going on in her chart right now that I cannot see What I can see, however, is that transiting Neptune is currently opposed to May’s Jupiter. This paints a picture of a person’s optimism getting stuck in a ditch of bad planning and vague promises.

Another important transit that is impacting May’s chart is the square by transiting Uranus to her natal Uranus. This is an aspect that often signals a major change in direction. The aspect is still a couple degrees off right now but it will be within a one degree orb next month, just a couple of days after May’s resignation takes effect. Obviously, this is going to be a period of change for the the soon-to-be former Prime Minister.

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