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An Update on Bill de BlasiodeBlasioImage

A friend recently informed me that Bill de Blasio’s time of birth is known. New York astrologer Shelley Ackerman got it from someone on his staff. So, I’m updating the partial horoscope I did for de Blasio earlier with the real thing. (Click on Bill de Blasio to see the chart.)

The outstanding feature in this chart is the placement of Neptune on his Ascendant. I predictied that in the horoscopes of both Cory Booker and Joseph Biden, the prominent placement of Neptune would make it difficult for these candidates to define their aims to the public in a clear and emphatic way. De Blasio might have similar troubles as the campaign continues, but Neptune in his chart works a little differently.

First of all, it echoes the influence of his Moon in Pisces, the sign Neptune rules. Not only is de Blasio’s Moon in an emotional Water sign, it opposes Pluto. De Blasio is a man who feels things deeply. The fact that both the Moon and Pluto aspect his Neptune and his Ascendant (which is in Scorpio, the sign Pluto rules) indicate that those heavy emotions often rise to the surface of his personality. Of course, with Pluto and Pisces involved, those feelings are going to always be as complex as they are deep.

Also, this placement of Neptune and the way it strengthens his Pisces Moon acts as a welcome counterbalance to the strong emphasis of stubborn Fixed Signs in de Blasio’s chart. He is no less a man of principle but this Neptune/Pisces influence gives him room to compromise and maneuver within the confines of those principles, a quality that every successful politician has to have.

I could write more about de Blasio’s natal chart, but what I really want to point out what Uranus will be doing in his horoscope next year. In my previous article I discussed the fact that de Blasio will be having a Saturn Return in 2020 (click here to see that article). Along with this major transition aspect, Uranus will be crossing his Descendant. This is an aspect of big and sometimes shocking changes, and it will be hitting de Blasio’s Descendant around the time of the Democratic convention and again in November.

With both Saturn and Uranus working on his horoscope next year, 2020 is going to be a big year of Bill de Blasio. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to become President of the United States or even the Democratic nominee. He’s got to get through the next seven months first (and that’s not going to be easy) and there’s a lot of ways that a person’s life can radically change other than politics. Still, of all the contenders I’ve looked at, the transits in de Blasio’s chart are definitely among the most hopeful.

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