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The Contenders: Bill de Blasio

Someone once said that the primaries are supposed to be a marketplace of ideas. If that’s the case, then the Democratic primary for 2020 is “Black Friday”. The latest bargain to be added to this very long shopping list is the controversial mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio.

Questions about de Blasio’s candidacy extend farther than just the fact that he is entering an already overcrowded field. Even though he was reelected in 2017 by a while margin, de Blasio’s tenure as mayor of New York has been rocky and he is unpopular with a lot of New Yorkers. There have also been allegations of corruption and mismanagement in his administration. However, de Blasio is a Taurus by Sun Sign, and when a Taurus decides to do something, no amount of criticism is going to change his or her mind.

Not only is de Blasio a Sun sign Taurus, his chart (click on Bill de Blasio to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth) is heavy with Fixed signs. De Blasio’s Moon, which is in Pisces in this chart, has a 50/50 change of actually being in Aquarius. For sure, he has Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter are all in Fixed signs. In this chart, the stubbornness for which Taurus is so famous is greatly reinforced.

De Blasio has been considered a likely candidate for a long time, which makes me wonder why he waited until this relatively late date to announce. On the day he declared himself a candidate, transiting Mercury was square de Blasio’s natal Uranus, echoing the Mercury square Uranus aspect that is in his natal chart.

More important, transiting Jupiter, which is moving retrograde, is trine de Blasio’s natal Uranus. Under this kind of transit people often feel expansive and lucky. Their self-esteem is expanded. There were a lot of people telling de Blasio that he shouldn’t run for president but, with his aspect in his chart and his Fixed sign stubbornness, de Blasio forged ahead.

De Blasio has a few things going for him. As mayor of New York he has enacted some the progressive policies that his competitors have only talked about. He’s acted to stop police brutality (which made him unpopular with the police union), give people affordable housing (which made him unpopular with the real estate lobby) and addressed the problem of income inequality. In fact, de Blasio troubles could be taken as an object lesson in how it’s hard to be progressive and not piss somebody off.

In March of next year de Blasio will have his second Saturn Return. The aspect will repeat in July and December. This is an important Saturn Cycle aspect and typically signals a major turning point in a person’s life. What happens during these Saturn Cycle aspects often has a lot to do with what we’ve done right and what we’ve done wrong in our lives. Saturn can reward us for our hard work or it can make our deficiencies more obvious.

I suppose that the transition symbolized by de Blasio’s Saturn Return could be the Democratic nomination, but the realities of the situation right now indicate otherwise. Sill, it will be interesting to see what happens to de Blasio’s campaign and in his life next year. If he’s still the race, he could surprise a lot of people.

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