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The Contenders: Steve Bullock

I’ve been seeing Steve Bullock’s name on lists of likely Democratic candidates for 2020 for a long time, so his announcement was like the other shoe dropping. He’s the popular Democratic governor of a the heavily Republican state of Montana. He has a history of fighting big business and corporate money in politics. Generally, he’s considered a centrist but his positions on such issues as abortion, gay marriage and campaign finance pass the liberal smell test.

Bullock’s horoscope has ambition written all over it. (Click on Steve Bullock to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) He’s an Aries by Sun sign with the Moon in Capricorn, two energetic, goal-oriented signs. On top of that, his Sun is conjunct Mars, the ruler of Aries, and both the Sun and Mars are sextile Jupiter, the planet of expansion and thinking big. Of course, Bullock’s Sun is also quincunx Neptune, the planet of both mystical visions and delusional aspirations.

Astrologically, Bullock picked a good time to announce his candidacy. Jupiter trined his natal Sun in April and in now moving retrograde toward a second trine aspect. That aspect should give Bullock a boost during the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately for him, Pluto is also moving in retrograde toward a square to his Sun. This aspect  move to within a degree in June and it is going to dominate his chart for the rest of 2019.

When Pluto squares the Sun it is typically signals a period of frustration and painful realizations. Both our ego and our vitality are challenged. Health issues are not unlikely during these transits, but the main theme is a feeling of being weighed down and stuck. The message of the aspect is that we need to transform the perspective with which we view the world. For most people, this is easily said than done.

Things only get worse for Bullock in January 2020. Just as the Pluto square begins to pull away from Bullock’s natal Sun, Saturn will join it. Both planets will be close to a square to the candidate’s Sun when they form their conjunction in January. This aspect is going to be impacting the horoscopes of several of our contenders, but it is going to particularly hard on Steve Bullock.

In different circumstances Bullock might be an extremely attractive candidate for the Democrats. He comes from the middle portion of the country where Democrats frequently struggle, he’s centrist enough not to scare off older voters but liberal enough to hold on to the younger ones and his personal popularity in Montana allowed him to win reelection in 2016 when every other Democratic candidate in that state lost. However, though there is the chance that there are positive factors I can’t see with this partial horoscope, the aspects coming up for Bullock the next several months are going to make it very difficult for him to gain traction in this very crowded field.

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