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China and the US Trade AspectsChinaImage

Doing a horoscope for a country can be tricky. There are scores of horoscopes proposed for the United States. The chart I typically use is called the Sibly Chart. I’ve checked it against important dates in US history and it performs fairly well, but it’s not perfect. (Click here to see the Sibly US chart.)

The horoscope I’m using for China is done for noon on the date that Mao Zedong declared the People’s Republic of China (click here to see the chart,) but I have seen other charts set for other dates. Also, the chart is done for noon because I don’t know the precise time.

What’s interesting about these two charts is that back in Jan. 2019, when trade talks between China and the United States began, transiting Saturn had just passed an opposition to the Sun in the Sibly chart  At around the same time, Saturn was also square Neptune in the chart for China, while transiting Pluto was conjunct China’s Jupiter. In this approximate chart, Jupiter is in the Second House of finance.

When Saturn opposes the Sun in a person’s chart it usually means that that person is going to be facing a challenge to his or her ego and vitality. Saturn was also square natal Saturn in the US chart, an aspect that typically represents a major transition.

This transition could be seen in the new congress that was being sworn in during this period, a congress that was younger, more diverse and, in the House of Representatives, more Democratic. The challenge, however, may have had more to do with these trade talks.

Saturn square Neptune in the China chart describes the Chinese being taken to task for various trade and financial ploys they’ve used over the years that the US says are unfair. Pluto on Jupiter in that chart shows us that Chinese economic expansion was being put under pressure (Pluto) by tariffs imposed by the United States.

These talks went on and for a while things looked promising. Then on May 1 Saturn turned retrograde. A week later the talks broke down and President Trump slapped new tariffs on China. The world economy held it’s breath for a bit and then China agreed to return to the bargaining table.

Now there seems to be hope for a resolution that will favor the United States, but I’m not so sure. All those aspects that were exact back in January are going to be exact (or nearly so) again in August and September of this year. Also, the conjunction of transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto that has astrologers around the world biting their nails is going to complete in Jan. 2020 right on China’s Jupiter.

Jupiter may or may not be in the Second House of the China chart, but the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will definitely occur in the Second House of the Sibly Chart. This aspect is going to place a great deal of pressure on the US economy and could indicate a major downturn.

China’s economy is also going to be under tremendous pressure, either because of US tariff or because of a trade deal that places them at a disadvantage. Pluto represents pressure, but it also can describe extreme reactions to that pressure. I think we’re going to more of that as we near the end of the summer.

The US naturally wants China to play fair in its trade and financial dealings, but a seriously weakened Chinese economy would be a disaster for everyone. Of course, the same thing applies to the United States economy. A delicate balance is required. Unfortunately, the aspects I’ve described don’t indicate balance. They describe extreme tactics that could send the world economy over the brink.

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